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FULL NAME: Lis Van Velthoven
BIRTH PLACE: Holland / The Netherlands
HOMETOWN: Holland!
FAVOURITE CITY? I will tell you my final answer when I’ve been in London a bit longer, but for now Paris.
WHAT CAN’T YOU LIVE WITHOUT? My family of course, and my dog :)
HOW WERE YOU SCOUTED? I was walking in the street in Amsterdam.
HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN MODELING FOR? I started in September full-time. I was at school before and did modelling for two years but I didn’t have much time for it.
FAVOURITE JOB? The show for Dior in Tokyo!
LAST PERSON YOU TEXTED: Now ? I just text my older brother in Holland and asked him how he is and sent him a picture of London.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHEN YOU ARE NOT MODELLING? I do horse riding and like to draw.
WHAT IS YOUR DREAM HOLIDAY? Don’t care, holidays are always good, right?

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