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Be bold.

That’s something we hear quite often but how many of us have the…errrr…confidence to do so? An outgoing spirit in a model is something we applaud, it makes for the best images, the best spokesmodel, and the next big thing on Instagram. Our bold beauty Emma Breschi has been capturing fame on and offline for her authentic and highly comedic Instagram where she talks (and sings) about pretty much everything from the over-the-top to the incredibly mundane.

A certified model, having been featured in Vogue Italia and Vivienne Westwood’s latest campaign; Breschi is defining her own path as a curve model and pushing the industry to see her and girls like her, for more than just their size.


M1: You’ve been with Models1 for a while now, what’s your experience with us been like?

EB: I signed with Models 1 almost two years ago now… I honestly had no idea what was going on or what was going to come of it. I had no expectations, but what I do know is that its been the best two years of my life so far! You guys are my family. It might sound cheesy … but I don’t know how else to say it! You guys aren’t just my agents or my colleagues … you are some of my best friends and mentors who I know have my back no matter what. So before I get emotional, I hope that answered your question? Haha


M1: Last year, you landed a feature in Vogue Italia, what was It like landing that job and how has it impacted your career since?

EB: So before modelling, I was a photographer and this job was so exciting for me because I got to work with Solve Sundsbo! For me in this industry, when I get to work with some of my heroes in fashion imagery… I lose my shit! Internally of course (I am a professional hahahaha!).  I was so honoured to be working with Vogue Italia and I just remember thinking WHAT THE F*** I AM WORKING WITH VOGUE ITALIA AND SOLVE SUNDSBO!? I remember studying him and most of the works on Vogue Italia at uni… so the fact I was working with some of the industries greatest’s creatives blew my mind. I think every job I do has an impact on my own creativity and allows me to grow within my career.



M1: Vivienne Westwood has taken a massive liking to you, what was the experience like working on their latest campaign?

EB: I have so much love to give and say about Vivienne, Andreas and everyone at Westwood. I’d be writing forever with all the things I could say hahaha but I’m just so honoured and lucky to have them in my life and to call them my friends. I have to owe it to another hero of mine… Juergen Teller. So I recently found out that he was the man behind my relationship with the Westwood fam. A year ago I did a test shoot with Juergen and I think we hit it off because he got me casted for the AW1819 Campaign (the first campaign I did with Westwood which Juergen shot of course). If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So I’ll always be grateful to Juergen for believing in me and having introduced me to the people I hold so dearly to my heart. Working with Vivienne, Andreas and Juergen, it’s beyond inspiring. These are some of the industries most influential and creative minds, and they’ve taken their time to welcome me into their home, open me up and teach me so much! I am just so honoured.


M1: You sing and play the guitar; do you have any other hidden talents?

EB: I wouldn’t say I can play the guitar really… I can only play like 7 chords! I have 5 guitars at home ( I have an obsession with buying fancy guitars), I just invite my friends who are real musicians and they end up playing them for me haha! But my plan is to start lessons because my dream is to be able to shred the electric guitar!


M1: You’re also a really dope photographer, how often do you get to work with female creatives on set?

EB: I have so much respect for all the creatives behind a project because without each other, there would be no project or final product. This industry is all about team work, we could go on and on about the hierarchy of who’s the “most important” in a creative project but the truth of the matter is, you wouldn’t have anything put together without your production team, producers, designers, photographers, models, make up artists, hair stylists, stylists nail technicians, and assistants. The industry is growing where more and more female creatives are coming together and it’s always so nice to see a diverse mix group of creatives working together.


M1: For anyone that’s been following you on social for a while, they’d know that you have a deep love for the colour red and color-blocking in your dress code. Where do you draw your style from?

EB: My style is quite experimental and I honestly draw inspo from a lot of the people I work with. The colour blocking started when I worked with PC Williams (she’s an incredible woman!). She styled me in an all red outfit… and that was it. I was hooked and Ive been experimenting with colour blocking ever since. Each day is different though, sometimes I want to be pink, blue, green or yellow. Then there are days where I just wanna be rock n roll and I’ll wear my all black and vintage leather get ups. For me experimenting and playing with style is what makes “dressing” so much fun, so there really are no rules in my book when it comes to style.



M1: Are there any designers that you feel are doing an incredible job utilising or designing specifically for curvier body types?

EB: My list of favourites could go on forever and they’re a mix of high end and high street. But I have to say Vivienne and Andrea’s design’s always compliment and accentuate the best parts of my body, highlighting my curves and bust which I love! Their designs cater to every woman’s body and I always feel elegant, sexy and cool when I’m wearing Westwood. I’ve always been quite tom boyish with my style because I wanted to hide the parts of my body (like my big boobs) I felt were too sexual to expose. So when I tried on one of Westwood’s corset dresses for the first time I was gobsmacked by how I looked. It opened my eyes and made me realise that it’s ok to be sexy and flaunt the parts of you that make you feel womanly. And what I love about Westwood is that they have garment’s that are tailored oversized, but will look incredible on anyone no matter what their body shape, which is amazing in my opinion.

I’ve had other high end designer brands offer to dress me and then I tell them my size and they’re lost because they have nothing that will fit me. So I think more high end brands should start having sample sizes that are bigger… especially if they want girls like me wearing them… cause honey have you seen my boobs!? hahaha.

Also another brand I’m obsessed with is House of Sunny, they are a great example of having cool and vibrant styles that are also soooooo comfortable. They have some amazing sets of wide leg trousers and flared tops, which is like my everyday go to outfit. Definitely check them out!


M1: As a curve model, what’s one thing you wished people would stop asking you and one thing you wish they would ask you?

EB:  Honestly I get annoyed when I tell someone I’m a model and they correct me and say oh no but you’re a curve/plus size model. Which is true… but at the end of the day we are all still models. I just dislike being labeled into a category. And recently I’ve been working out loads, getting fit and sometimes I get asked “BUT WHY? YOU’RE A CURVE MODEL! SURELY IF YOU LOSE WEIGHT THAT’S NOT GOOD FOR YOUR CAREER!?”. That to me is a really silly question, and it shows how sometimes in this industry we only appreciate the extremes… Being healthy and fit is not just limited to certain people. I like to think that I’m a professional and all round good at what I do, so even if I did lose weight it’s not just because of my weight that I’m doing well in this career? I wish people would just ask me if my favourite colour is red, so that way I can say “well no… it’s actually blue” hahahahahaha.




M1: We can always find you around a group of fellow bad-ass gals – how did you pick up so many cool human beings over the years?

You know whats funny, when I was younger I was literally only hanging out with the boys. My best friends were guys and I only had a handful of girlfriends. As a teenager, girls made me nervous, I didn’t relate to them as much and that was really just a reflection of my own insecurities. As I got older and decided to let go of those insecurities, I travelled outside of my circle and met some incredible women. Through them I’ve discovered things about myself I never would’ve known and they’re the ones who inspire me each day. I have the best times with my girls and I think thats because now I am so open with myself, it allows me to be open with other people and women especially. Which is the key to a strong friendship. As a person, I’m very easy going and will give everyone a chance, so if you’re taking the time to get to know me, I’ll dedicate that time back to know you too! So I think thats why I have so many incredible women in my life. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without them.


M1: Female friendship seems very important to you – what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received from a friend?

EB: I have so many incredible women in my life, all their advice is so important to me and without them I’d be lost. But Vivienne over dinner has told me “in order to be the best you can be, sometimes you need to forget yourself and focus on what’s really important” . Which is advice I always go back to when I’m doubting my purpose.


M1: You’re very outspoken about women’s issues and don’t appear to have reservations expressing your sexuality. What do you think holds women back from doing the same and how can we work towards opening people up?

EB: So for me being outspoken comes naturally because I’m just very honest. It’s almost impossible for me to lie (I’m not very good at it) hahaha so it’s just easier for me to be upfront and say whatever is on my mind. I wasn’t always like that though, when I was younger I would worry too much about what I might say and if it would make me seem weird. But the truth is… I am weird. Bottling that up will just make me miserable… and not being able to be yourself is exhausting!

When I was younger, I struggled with sexuality and understanding my identity as a woman… I was reserved and scared to experiment or discover new things because I worried too much about what other people would think of me. The reality though, is that those people probably weren’t even thinking of me in the first place, because they themselves were worrying about their own teenage BS haha. I realised this as I got older, the only person preventing me from growing or experiencing “life” was myself. I let my worries take control and because of that… I’ve had a lack of experiences. I mean I’m almost 25 and I still don’t know if I’ve had a proper orgasm yet… thats so fucking sad! hahaha! And it’s because of that, I think I’ve just decided to let go of any self doubt and really dive into learning the things that makes womanhood so great.


M1: You’ve been speaking out a lot about the environment – where/when did environmentalism become a passion of yours?

EB: I have always been passionate about the environment and especially the ocean. I grew up in Phuket, Thailand, living by the sea. In my youth I was very active in ocean conservation and heavily involved in charitable projects. Being in London it’s been so hard to maintain that kind of hands on involvement, so I use my social media to stay connected, talk about it and contribute to the causes I’m most passionate about. Spreading awareness is so important!




M1: You are known for being totally unfiltered on social media but I’d like to know, is there anything you regret posting?

EB: I have no regrets. But I get disappointed in myself sometimes when I let someones opinion affect me. That’s what social media does to you every now and then, but the way I see it… if you’re posting things online for yourself and not for the validation of others, you shouldn’t have any regrets.


M1: Who are some figures that you follow online that inspire you?

omg so many people! A mix of incredible people, creatives and friends really! It’s hard for me to list them because literally my list is soooooo massive. But my go to for feel good motivation is Chidera (@theslumflower), I just think she’s so amazing and one of the most down to earth and intellectual people I’ve ever come across.


M1: We’d be foolish not to ask about the four-legged man in your life, Lebron (a model in his own right). What’s he up to these days and how is he spending his British summer?

Lebron, my one true love! He’s really good, he spends most days in the garden tanning under the sun. I’m thinking of going to Devon or Cornwall this summer with him on a road trip. We’ll go to the beach, surf and just enjoy some well deserved chill time.


M1: Anything else our readers should know about you?

EB: I’m single and ready to mingle! But maybe I need to work on my game first cause I’m honestly terrible at dating hahahahahahahaha!


You can find Emma’s portfolio HERE and follow her on Instagram @EmmaBreschi


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