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Fifi Newbery’s Travel Journal

From the tender age of fourteen I have been working as a professional model and once finishing school at sixteen I went full time and travelling the world with this extraordinary job.

Being told where to be, when and what I would be doing was something that I got used to, and something that I associated with travelling.

This year however I have thrown caution to the wind, forgetting everything I thought I may know about travelling the world and have found myself lost in the best possible way.

For a month I am travelling South East Asia. I don’t know where I will be staying, where exactly I will be going but I do know that I start my travels in Hanoi, Vietnam and finish in Bangkok, Thailand.

Relinquishing control and learning to move wherever my heart desires has resulted in a trip of a lifetime and you can follow my journey through this wondrous part of the world through pictures right here, or via my blog at www.fifislookingglass.org for full excerpts from my personal travel journal.

Instagram – @fifinewbery

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