#Behind The Scenes



This summer, we made a promise to our M1 family of models, staff, and followers to heighten our focus on diversity and inclusion within our business and across the industry at large. Of the measures we’ve put in place to begin moving strongly into this next chapter, there is one that we’re excited to share with you as we enter Black History Month here in the UK.

For budding innovators, access is key, and we understand the importance as people of colour to be in charge of your creative vision and its execution. Today, we’re launching a pathway that will see to introducing a brilliant new group of Black Photographers, Stylists, Hair/Makeup Artists etc. to M1’s creative network, to shoot, and collaborate with on specialised projects with the best faces in London.

To take it a step further, we’re offering the chance to curate a shoot of your very own completely funded by M1. If you are a non-agency represented Black creative in fashion, based in the U.K., and interested in working with us, submit your portfolio to Creatives@models1.co.uk.

At the close of October, our submission email portal will open to all creatives.



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