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The Spring/Summer 2020 show season was a season of excellence for Models1. Beginning the year with a heightened focus on developing the future faces of fashion, our New Faces team worked tirelessly with the novice models on our boards to elevate their fashion knowledge, posing skills and runway agility. When the time came to usher these fledgling beauties into rooms with the industry’s top casting directors for the chance to walk the Fashion Week runways of London and beyond, we were more than confident that they were ready for the task. 

One of these models, 17 year-old  Chesca Lenton, quickly found her footing, landing on the runways of 10 of the top shows from London to Paris and picking up accolades from Models.com (Top Newcomer) along the way. After a whirlwind first season, we caught up with Chesca to talk about her transformation from the long-haired blonde that introduced herself to us years ago as “Francesca” to the sleek and sharp New Face known as “Chesca”. 


M1: For those unfamiliar with your origin story, tell us how you came to be at Models1. 

CHESCA: I was a walk in two years ago. I had some photos taken on the famous Models1 steps and then quickly arranged a test shoot!

M1: Your development included runway training sessions, chats on nutrition and dressing as a model – what were some of your biggest takeaways from your learning experience and how difficult (or easy) was it to nail your runway walk? 

CHESCA: I think all three were soooo important for me because as a model, it’s important that you’re always looking your very best. Nutrition-wise, eating the colours of the rainbow (different fruits and veg) makes you not only feel healthy but you look healthy as well. Also, the Models1 workshops were super helpful and I started using what I learned about fitness right away. It was also so nice to meet other M1 models, many of which I know will be friends for life.

Learning how to walk was so much fun. The most difficult part for me was doing it in stilettos because for me, I found it hard to keep my legs straight when walking. Shen (one of Chesca’s Bookers) was so great at helping me as he is a former dancer and could really identify where my walk needed improvement.


M1: Was there anything that surprised you about the modelling industry?

CHESCA: What surprised me is how hard everybody works, there are so many hours that everybody puts in. It’s also such a small world I think. It was so nice bumping into people I had met in London, then Milan and then Paris. 

M1: Did you have a moment when you realised “Wow, I’m a model”? 

CHESCA: I can’t say that I had a moment like that, but when I look back now at Fashion Week, I just can’t believe how lucky I am. It’s honestly such a dream to have worked with such iconic brands and such incredible people. When I see photos of myself on the runway I have to pinch myself because I just can’t believe it’s actually me. 

M1: What’s the best advice you were given before the show season began?

CHESCA: To get lots of rest. I was really lucky because the week leading up Fashion Week I think I managed to sleep at least 10 hours sleep each night! I appreciated it because fashion month was far busier than I anticipated.


M1: Did you spot any famous faces as you walked down the runway?

CHESCA: For me when I’m on the runway I sort of zone out (and concentrate on not falling over) so I didn’t see very many famous faces. I think I saw Romee Strijd sat front row at the Dior runway though. 

M1: You were accompanied by some fellow M1 New Faces in Milan and Paris, did you have time for a little fun in between castings/shows?

CHESCA: In Milan I didn’t have much free time but Emily Godwin and I did get to go to a cute vintage shop. I really enjoyed it and said oh yes I’ll have to come back here but then I didn’t have time. 

In Paris I had a lot more free time. I would leave the hotel an hour before I had to be somewhere so I could walk around the city. I have only been to Paris one other time so I was just obsessed with how beautiful all the architecture was. In my free time, I went to the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Élysées (did some shopping) but unfortunately didn’t get to go to any museums which I will definitely do next time. 

M1: What were some of your favorite shows? Any outfits that you wished you could’ve kept?

CHESCA: I honestly couldn’t choose my favourite show because I LOVED every single one. My favourite outfit was probably my outfit for Burberry because it had this amazing diamanté body suit underneath, I don’t think I’ve seen anything so intricate and detailed.

M1: What was the highlight of your SS20 season?

CHESCA: I have LOVED the whole experience but I think the highlight of my SS20 season was  working with Victoria Beckham and Joe Mckenna. It was so exciting to work with two icons who are extremely talented and inspiring. The Victoria Beckham show was the first show I ever walked so that is why it is my highlight of the season.



M1: Who’s someone that you’ve met this season that you’d like to work with in the future? It could be a makeup artist, stylist, photographer, designer etc.

CHESCA: It’s very hard for me to choose just one person because I can’t describe how much I have loved working with such clever, talented people this season. If I had to choose it would be Models1 because without such an amazing agency I wouldn’t have been able to have such a great season. 

M1: What advice would you give to girls that are looking to enter the industry and those who will be walking their first season in February?

CHESCA: Number one, follow your agents advice because they are the experts and have your best interests at heart! Also, enjoy every moment because it’s so fast paced and is over in a flash and have fun! You are going to meet lots of incredible new people.


Post Fashion Month, things are only looking better for Chesca and we can’t wait to see (and share) all that she gets up to in the year ahead. Be sure to follow @Models1Scout on Instagram for updates on all of our new faces.

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