MODEL FITNESS: Russell Bateman (SBC) & Neelam

Russell Bateman, of the Skinny Bitch Collective, is the man getting London’s top girls in shape. His “cult” collective of top models and celebrities means that his following is now way over 25,000 over social media. He has been working with our Burberry girl Neelam to get her into full fitness and health. His workouts push a healthy diet, with high cardio exercise that achieves results.

Neelam isn’t his only Models 1 fan, the bookers have been seeing what all the fuss about too. Waking up at 6am seems stupid but once we are in that studio – we get what it’s all about. The classes involve a range of creative and interactive exercises that include tug of war, primal crawls, planks and burpies – sometimes while running against a wall, upside down – yes for real! It’s hard-core and no one is left without a sweat but it’s all worth it.


We sat down with Russell and Neelam to chat about their time working out together and to hear some top model fitness and health tips…

When and how was the Skinny Bitch Collective born?

Russell:  About a year ago! I preach sex, sleep and strength and fuse strength and metabolic conditioning with signature SBC Primal movements. I combine this with amazing nutritional protocols to really upgrade anyone’s body.

Who are your SB’s?

Russell: An elite crop of British supermodels who train alongside the next generation of female icons. These are women training the RIGHT way and supplementing their training regimes with the RIGHT nutrition.

How did you hear about Russell’s classes?

Neelam: A few of my model friends at Burberry train with him, so they recommended him to me, and after checking out his Instagram page I emailed him.


How has it been so far?

Neelam: Honestly, it’s been a really great experience. I know that sounds stupid because whilst I’m working out I feel like I’m going to die of exhaustion!! But whenever the session is over I feel so proud of myself and can’t wait to do it all again.

What’s been the biggest challenge & achievement so far with Neelam?

Russell: Her taste in music is always challenging but her schedule is pretty manic and I’m guessing NYC is going to happen soon so is imperative she has SBC protocols on demand to keep her going when she’s working so much. She’s lost nearly an inch off her hips in 2 hour sessions.. And to be honest those sessions were a 4/10 on the SBC Richter scale. The intensity is about to go up a notch as she needed to get used to movements at the beginning.

Neelam: I think just the fact that I’ve never really trained before, but – saying that, my fitness levels have drastically improved in a short amount of time and I lost half an inch off my hips after 3 sessions.

How many classes are you teaching a week?

Russell: Monday and Wednesday at 7am are the new classes and there is an invite class on Saturdays at 5 for friends of SBC. Who knows who you’ll see in that class ;)

What’s been the best tip that you’ve taken away from Russell so far?

Don’t eat fruit before working out! I always thought I was so smart for eating a banana before training, but it actually blunts fat loss.

What have you found the hardest to cut out?

Neelam: I’ve cut out wheat, dairy and sugar (unless it’s sugar in fruit, like berries). So it is difficult, but I’m embracing it because I can see a change in my body already and I also feel much better as a person.

If we want to keep in shape what changes do you think are essential to our lifestyle?

Russell: You can’t out train a bad diet so concentrate on eliminating gluten and wheat which cause inflammation and havoc with your digestion. Limit sugar and make sure you’re not eating too much fruit or drinking too much juice. These often masquerade as health options but can do more harm than good for your body fat.

Make sure you’re challenging yourself in the gym. Boredom is the enemy. Get excited, get nervous. Girls often say they are scared before training with me. I think that’s a great thing.

What is the best way to start the day & to end it? 

Neelam: SBC class in the morning with flowing primal movements like crawling and burpees followed by evening Uphill Sprints or some yoga. Dinner should be organic salmon, broccoli and quinoa. Some fish oil and vitamin D to supplement.  Drink lots of water and have some barley grass before bed. It helps with bloating! All the ab work in the world won’t help that.

How have Russell’s classes affected your lifestyle/ mind set?

Neelam: They’ve definitely taught me so much about food and how it can effect the body, and it’s also nice because I’ve made loads of friends, so SBC is like a little community!

How do you describe SBC classes in 3 to 5 words?

Neelam: Painful but extremely rewarding.

What’s coming up – what can we see from SBC?

Russell: More from us in NYC, some cool collaborations and some exciting clothing plans!

How can someone become a Skinny Bitch?

You have to have the mentality that says, “I’m going to work my ass off and push my limits”. SBC looks pretty on the outside but it’s an adrenaline rush, it’s animalistic and at times quite dirty on the inside. Anyone who comes will take away something that improves their quality of training and perhaps their life.

Contact: polly@models1.co.uk for more info…

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