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There’s a whole new crop of rising stars under our roof and a special few that are making waves on social media. You may have seen our beautifully blonde and bold eyebrow-ed Grace Hodge on your Instagram feed or in the shop windows of Liberty London and wondered “who is this girl?”. Well, we thought she should tell you. From career, confidence, and personal style – Grace is sharing her journey at Models 1 and what she’s learned along the way.


M1: We at Models1 obviously know all about you but for our readers, tell us a bit about yourself.

GH: I’m 23 years old and I’m from the smallest county in England (Rutland). I never aspired to be a model and my friend at uni actually signed me up online. When I got a call-back she made me go to the agency with her; I had never properly been to the city and I was terrified. I was signed that day. I was at the end of my first year studying Physiotherapy so I completed my degree first and decided to take 6 months off to travel before I went into full time modelling around 10 months ago.


M1: What is one thing you know now that you wish you had known when you became a full-time model?

GH: I think in this industry you learn new things everyday. I love that the profession is so fast paced and is always changing; it keeps me challenged and mentally active. It’s important to realise that you are technically your own boss, so as a model you have to be proactive from day 1, and be able to adapt to different social situations. If anything I would have just thrown myself into it more and don’t let anything/anyone intimidate you; don’t hold back!


M1: Tell us a bit about your best moments in your career so far?

GH: I will never forget my editorial shoot with Tatler, for the March 2017 issue. The exciting thing is that I didn’t realise my shot had made the cover until the issue launched. Another highlight has to be working for the Aussie hair commercial. I was travelling in Asia at the time and paused my travel plans to shoot in Barcelona for a week. Shooting the Vans and JD campaign was also a huge deal for me as it was my first campaign that made it in the window on Oxford Street! Another huge moment for me was seeing my Blink Brow campaign in the window of Liberty London on Carnaby Street. But honestly there are so many highlights in my career so far; even progressing as model from New Faces to Mainboard is a significant moment.


M1: Modelling can be a hectic job, what do you do to decompress when you need a break from it?

GH: I feel a social life outside of any profession is very important. I have a very close-knit group of friends, as well as my family, who I see and speak to regularly. I also love to exercise, and I find an hour in the gym, or running in the park can really boost my mood. I also love reading and listening to music to shut off.


M1: Have you had any unconfident moments? How did you pick yourself up and keep yourself motivated?

GH: It took me a long time to become confident in castings, and I still feel nervous meeting new clients three years on. Similarly I always feel nervous when doing new jobs, but I think controlled nerves are always good. It’s important not to see the industry as a competition, and I’ve always looked up to other models during castings and shoots. Seeing other girls at work is always a great way to learn as well as for personal growth, even now. Confidence comes from experience!


M1: You’re really active on social media and have amassed a great deal of followers, how integral is social to your career?

GH: Social media is a very important platform for creating contacts and exposing your work and persona to clients. For me it’s a professional platform, so I rarely post content outside of modelling, although I do always show my true personality too, which I think is important. I use Instagram stories to show followers what I get up to on a daily basis as well. Unfortunately I think in this day and age social media is overused, and it’s so important to be able to dissociate “real life” from “social life.” I do try to switch off from it more than I used to, and Instagram is my only social platform, so I can concentrate my efforts on that.


M1: What are some of your interests and passions outside of modelling?

GH: I love working out, I’ve always been very sporty so I run and go to the gym around five times a week. I am very into music, thanks to my dads influence when growing up. After travelling for six months I have definitely caught the “bug” and I cant wait to explore more of the world. I am lucky enough that this is part and parcel of my job as a model!!! I am still very passionate about Physiotherapy, and I definitely want to pursue that after modelling.


M1: Have you found your own personal style has changed since you’ve been working in fashion?

GH: I am definitely more aware of fashion trends then I was before modelling, and I’m always inspired by styling on shoots, but I do still have my own style. I actually think living in London has also changed my style more than modelling itself; everyone is so trendy here!



M1: Last month, a photo of you on our Instagram was the most liked photo that month with 2.4K likes, what was the shoot like?

GH: The shoot was for an independent jewellery brand, called Henryka. I travelled outside of London for the day, which is always a nice change. The makeup was my favourite look of dewy, glowing skin. I always love shooting beauty style shots, and the team were very relaxed, which always helps me to become myself on set.


M1: How do you prepare your skin the day before a beauty shoot and on the morning of?

GH: I have a skincare routine that I religiously stick to doing twice a day. I have sensitive skin that reacts very easily so I try to do as little as possible, whilst still looking after my skin. I use La Roche Posay Toleriane cleanser, Garnier micellar water as a toner and Avene Hydrance moisturiser with SPF20. Twice a week I use the Caudalie detox face mask. I also love the 3D moisture masks by Sarah Chapman.


M1: Have you picked up any tips on set from hair or makeup artists on set? If so, can you share your favourites? 

GH: I am useless at doing my own hair and makeup! I am always asking for tips, but they make it look a lot easier than it is, and I can never replicate their work, so I get advice on products more. I love the Sam McKnight hairsprays; they smell incredible and hold my hair really well. I also love the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish and Surf Spray products for “beachy” textured hair. My three favourite beauty products are the Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo in shades Nude 1 or 2, Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Groundwork and the Laura Mercier Caviar stick eye colour in rose gold. I’ve also recently been introduced to Oxygenetix makeup; their foundations are incredible for a “no makeup makeup” look, and they give great coverage without clogging up your pores.


M1: In your everyday life, what’s your go to makeup look?

GH: Because I wear so much makeup on a daily basis on shoots, on my days off I don’t really tend to wear any (realistically I’m very lazy when it comes to makeup)! I always brush my eyebrows through with clear mascara and sometimes I’ll wear a layer of mascara on my lashes. I also always carry a lip balm on me.


M1: What’s one beauty product that you couldn’t live without?

GH: Lucas Paw Paw Oinment, (but only the original in the red pot or tube). My Australian cousins introduced it to me when I was about 13. I used to really suffer from dry lips and I’ve been using it every day since; it’s magic!


You can find Grace’s portfolio HERE and follow her on Instagram @Gracey_Hodge

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