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We’ve been waiting for what feels like FOREVER to announce the launch of M1 Curve model Iskra’s health, fitness and wellbeing application and website, Everybody With Iskra. Designed to bring body positivity and mental health education into the fitness space, Everybody With Iskra is an unfiltered, un-retouched, totally real dialogue between Iskra and her millions of fans across the globe. To kickoff the UK launch, Iskra hosted a morning yoga session (lead by Lauryn Allman) for friends, bloggers, and media – giving them a taste of what to expect from her program.


Pink and grey yoga mats popped against the dark wood backdrop of the studio and goodie bags, topped with an Everybody With Iskra flask, lined the walls. Before beginning our morning salutations, the group got a first look at what was to come from the app, previewing the workouts and healthy recipes. Iskra explained that her goal was to create a space where everyone, no matter their size, shape or background, could feel encouraged to navigate their journey of self love with a healthy mindset. To end the yoga session, Iskra invited the group to partake in a series of affirmations, concluding by having one another let their yoga-mate know “You are beautiful.”


When asked what was on her vision board for 2018, Iskra states that she has begun to work more with Aerie on product development, taking the feedback she receives from fans to offer a collection that is reflective of their wants. On a life note, she’s buying a house! A big step no doubt for the English girl as she’s now a full-time New Yorker. The app is now available in the Apple store and you can sign up for her program at EverybodyWithIskra.comYou can hear more about the program with Iskra during her chat with Emma Gunn’s which you can find HERE


Photo Credit: Bethan Mooney


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