#New Faces

Sophyto Organic

Models 1 New Faces are now being helped out by Sophyto, a fantastic, organic, ethical, skincare company, to keep our new faces skin in tip top condition. Karen Sinclair Drake, the managing director of Sophyto, lets us into some of her beauty secrets!

Models1: What got you into skin?
Karen: Wanting to cut through the ‘bs’ and keep it real. I don’t like the fakeness that often exists in the cosmetic industry, which is why we chose to be more of an independent brand, allowing us to focus more on building and sustaining meaningful relationships with our customers and communities – these are the ones that nurture us. Sophyto is without doubt a lifestyle choice and because of that I wanted products that people felt they had an emotional connection to. To me, this is more important than anything else, it’s our customers we do this for and it’s them we listen to – not shareholders : )

M: If you could only choose one thing, what is the single most important thing you can do to look after your skin?
Karen: eat a rainbow diet, what you put into your body shows in your skin. You can use the best skincare products in the world, but you can’t hide what’s underneath.

M: Skincare tends to be expensive, are there cheaper but still effective ways to care for your complexion?
Karen: absolutely and you’ve probably got all you need in your fridge or fruit bowl right now. You can make your own face masks which can give you brilliant results ranging from brightening a dull complexion to an instant exfoliating treatment – and it’s really not that difficult. We’re going to be posting these recipes on your blog soon, so easy, so effective and there’s no waste because you eat what you don’t use.

M: Does Sophyto have future plans for skincare domination and if so what lines will you be adding?
Karen: We’re working on a very exciting project at the moment that will bring our hero products to the mass market – I can’t say anything more than that, but I can tell you we are adding new lines all the time. In a couple of months we are adding an Ultra Soft Creamy Cleanser which is great for all skin types and removes waterproof make up and has been put through the hoops by our LA make up artist who gave it a sure thumbs up. We have a Tocotrienol Skin Booster which is far more powerful than just using Vitamin E, it helps to reverse and improve the damaging effects of ultra violet radiation, pollution, cigarette smoke and other environmental and biological stress factors. We also have an eye product which contains our award winning Polyphenols and an extract of organic Rooibos tea.

M: Is there a secret to eternal youth, will we ever find one (please say yes!!!) ?
Karen: my answer is definately yes – the secret to eternal youth is all about inner peace. I know me saying this in an industry based upon looks sounds ‘corny’ but it really is true. A wise man once said: “The mind is everything – what you think – you become”. Beauty is about being happy and having an inner peace – there is nothing more beautiful that someone who excudes this. I wish everyone could experience this feeling.


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