Exploding onto the fashion scene within just 6 months of being discovered (in a sushi restaurant no less) Satoshi Toda is causing a bit of a stir. The Japanese native, Californian resident is taking over the editorials one step at a time. First stop, German Vogue. Models 1 caught up with him…

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What were you up to before becoming a model?

I was a bit of a crazy kid, I moved to Texas when I was 15, then lived in California for 2 years. I went on to study Phycology and worked in a sushi restaurant in Beverley Hills to pay my way, which is where I was discovered.

How do you relax?

I love going to cafes with friends. I also enjoy swimming or any kind of water sports, I used to play water polo. Now when I have free time in California I like going to the beach.

What’s your idea of fun?

Just to do what I want to the best of my ability. That makes me happy.

What’s been your best modelling moment so far?

Shooting Vogue Germany on location in New York. It was raining the whole day but crazy fun.

Favourite artist?


What do you miss most about your hometown?

I really miss Japan when I’m travelling around by myself. I like travelling and meeting new people, but I get nervous sometimes. That’s when I miss it. In California I miss the food and the hot springs.

Somewhere you’d love to visit?

The Moon.

Superpower of choice?

To fly.

Describe your style?


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