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Los Angeles



Where did you grow up?


When did you first start modeling?

My first meeting with an agency was in November of 2011

How were you scouted?

I have my mother to thank for this, she made me a portfolio and I went into an open call… Simple as that

What have you worked on so far?

The majority of my work so far has come from e-commercials  but fortunately I’ve still been given the opportunity to enjoy the stresses as much as the pleasures of fashion week shows, campaigns and some really fun editorials

Favourite job so far?

Probably the Royal College of Arts where I worked with some amazing designers and really great models that I’m still friends with to this day

Best job so far?

For my career it has to be the Topman campaign that I shot when I first began modeling (early 2012 after Paris FW)

Any hidden talents?

I’ve got wings

What about hobbies?

Blowing smoke rings.. Fifa.. Playing Football and having a good time either chilling or at the club !!

Any nicknames?


How would your friends describe you in 3 words?

Chilled, Laid Back

If you could be anyone for the day who would it be?

Nelson Mandela

What is your dream vacation?

To take my closest friends and most importantly my family somewhere they’ve never been and give them everything they want

Your favourite film?

I know I could come up with something better but I don’t watch them often so what’s most memorable to me is Seven Pounds. Will smith is no doubt a legendary actor

Your favourite TV show?

I don’t watch TV but if you catch me, it’s Family guy !!

What’s the last song that you played?

Frank ocean – Sierra Leone 

& your most played song?

Pharrell – That Girl

Contact: frankie@models1.co.uk/ jamesc@models1.co.uk

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