Nathalie Schyllert’s Post Summer Motivation

Yes, it’s that time of year that we bring out layers upon layers of clothing to protect us from that looming winter chill, and we all know how difficult it can be keeping up with our pre-summer fitness and diet regimes. Do not fear, for Bodyism’s Nathalie Schyllert (Models 1 Women) is back, and she’s here to help…


Before and during the summer it is easy to be motivated to get in shape. You have the beach body as a goal and you are happy to shuffle down healthy colourful salads and green juices.

Now we are in October already and the motivation might have disappeared at the same time as you took out your much more forgiving wardrobe.

To stay motivated, you must first of all remember that the reason you would like to get fit should not be because you want to look good for others, you should be wanting to stay healthy and fit for yourself all year round, always!!

If you don’t like to train outside when it’s getting colder try to find yourself a yoga class close to you or you could even train at home in your own living room. I will give you some great exercises to do at home in my next blog.

I completely understand that you might not crave salads when it’s freezing outside but there are loads of other ways you can eat healthily.

My favourite healthy winter dishes are these two simple dishes:

(All ingredients should preferably be organic)

Stay warm and healthy xxx

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