Behind the Scenes: George Admiraal LOVES’s London

However much the rain pours and how ever much the journey to work turns our smile upside down, the truth of the matter is we love London like an old friend. We feel incredibly proud to have our agency here & we love to look after models that resonate that feeling. Each week we are going to find out what our models have to offer you in their views of London & ready for the weekend we have new face George Admiraal…



London Hangout

I’m all over the place, can’t pin me down to an area I’m afraid!

Best place for a hot Date


Best place to hang out with friends

Portobello/Hyde Park

Your favourite bar/pub

The Canton Arms

Favourite place for your favorite food

Sushi, Tsunami, sushi is sushi and Tsunami is classy sushi and classy sushi with incredible cocktails is what it’s all about.

Best part of London to shop

Covent Garden area… Conveniently!

Place to be in London during the summer 

Parks, gardens, outdoors, on my bike, making the most of the sun whenever it decides to show itself

Your favourite place to chill

My bed…. With my cat if she’s about… As you’ll find out from my Instagram…………

Your best memory in London

I’ve had a good life, that’s a very broad question. When I was 12, being awarded a music scholarship on the phone whilst in Virgin Megastores and going absolutely ape sh*t is one that comes to mind at the moment!

Why is London your city

So much to do so many people to meet and it’s more cynical and less fake than New York!

Anything else


Contact: frankie@models1.co.uk

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