Models 1 is social media!

Models 1 recently commissioned a shoot to promote and acknowledge the value of social media.

We are more than aware of the importance of this following and what it brings to models, their agencies and clients.

It is highly effective and one of the best forms of communication, interaction with an audience which, rather than just encouraging a simple ‘like’, helps build and create an all-important, brand, relationship.

Models 1 are increasingly aware of the monetary worth of its models and the driving force that Social Media provides.  We understand the value of their endorsement as marketable commodities and the strength of our models as brands in their own right. Over the past number of years social media has become a central plank to most consumer led marketing strategies and is one of the most potent tools in the mix.

Models 1 are at the forefront of social media and valuing the power of a model’s individual endorsement is now more powerful than that of  many retailers.

This understanding led to the commissioning of a unique, quantitative segmentation study which maps major brands against their potential fit with a number of models who have strong followings within their specific sectors, thus illustrating the power of the medium.

The stars of our social media promotion are the new generation, they are the voices and faces of the future.

For further information please contact – Nicole Sinclair Nicole@models1.co.uk, Donna Aitken Donna@models1.co.uk

Josy Spooner Josy@models1.co.uk


Directed & Produced by – @millicenthailes

Videographer – Raquel Courceiro

Edited by – Tod Ivanov

Stylist- @kyliegriffiths

Hair – @jakegallagherhair

Mua- @scarlett_burton

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