Model Crush – Lorelle Crawford talks Reiki & Healthy Living

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Lorelle’s energy is undeniable. Her skin contains a flawless glow that is bright and beautiful and echoes perfect health. We quizzed Lorelle and found out she is training in Reiki – we thought we’d sit her down to learn a little bit more about her interest in spiritual practice. 

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How did you get into Reiki?

I stumbled across Reiki when I was going through a bit of a healing journey and was instantly drawn to learn it myself. I then became attuned to the Reiki energy and did my first level Reiki course. I practice it every day! Can’t wait to do my level 2!!

How long have you been doing it for?

I’m still very new to it, I did my course at the start of this year and every time I use it I learn something new!

What does it involve?

Reiki falls under the categories of “Palm healing” and “Energy healing” – to put it simply, the universal healing energy comes out of the palms of my hands into your body. It is a very intelligent energy and it goes to wherever it is needed in your body, all I have to do is listen to it and help direct it to where it wants to go.

What can we achieve from Reiki?

One thing that I love about Reiki is that it is a different experience for everyone. You can achieve anything in terms of extreme physical, spiritual and emotional healing.

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 Where does Reiki come from?

That’s a tricky one. A simple way of looking at it is that it comes from the universe and goes in through the top of my head, to my heart chakra and out of the palm of my hands. However, if you want to get more complex: it also comes from inside the person being healed because the same healing energy that is abundant in the universe also occurs naturally in all of us.

 What can it help heal?

Almost everything! Beyond people and animals I even put Reiki energy into my food, and sometimes on my pillow when I am having trouble sleeping.

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What do you do keep your skin clean and healthy?

I use a Norwegian microfiber face cloth by Norwex in place of a cleanser. All you need is water!

How do you keep yourself in shape?

I walk around a lot and I do yoga and Pilates.

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What are your favourite healthy foods/meals?

At the moment I love eating pan-fried zucchini and eggplant (cooked in coconut oil) on top of a mix of rocket, watercress and spinach with Tamari drizzled on top.

Are you interested in other areas of spiritual practice?

I have a few other skills that I still need to develop further but I’m not trained in any other modalities just yet.

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I saw various stones on your Instagram – do you take an interest in these for healing powers etc?

Yes crystals are fantastic, I most definitely use them for healing and protection among other things. They are more than a pretty face ;)

What can you teach us about various stones?

I always carry my Calcite with me when I travel because I find it is the most effective grounding and protection stone for me. When I am feeling uneasy or floaty or scared I get my Calcite out of my handbag and hold it in the palm of my hand (it’s as small as a £1 coin) until I feel more at ease.

I also have an Aqua Aura that I wear around my neck to help my throat chakra because I have had thyroid issues in the past. It is also a fantastic stone for enhancing psychic capabilities.

Make sure you always cleanse your crystals regularly though because they pick up all sorts of energies!

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