Men’s Fashion Week has knocked upon our door once again and the M1 boys are splitting their time between the gym and the agency; perfecting their craft so they can do their little thing on the catwalk. Having the ‘right’ look matters the most during this time and while there’s more to modelling than looking really, really, ridiculously good looking, it is significant.

Skincare had a major boom within the beauty industry in 2017 and while female-geared products dominate this space, there’s room for the boys too. So how does a young a male model achieve and maintain skin in its healthiest form?

To find out, we rang up our skincare expert and Haus Urban founder, Hassan Sayyed, who knows all about how to keep your skin looking ‘sheet mask fresh’. Armed with questions from our M1 men and men’s bookers, we jumped right in. It may at times seem as though men have the easy way out when it comes to skincare but there’s a few things they should know….




M1: How do I determine my skin type?

HS: Definitely pick up some blotting papers. If after washing your face and using a blotting paper, you still have oil on it, you have oily skin. Most people are normal to dry and if you have dry patches or flaky skin, that’d be the most tell-tale sign. However, if you feel as though you have super oily skin, it doesn’t automatically mean that your skin is oily – it may mean that your skin is overcompensating for dry skin.


M1: Are there any differences between men’s and women’s skin?

HS: Men’s skin tends to be much thicker because there’s more hair follicles per square millimetre – because of shaving it tends be a lot thicker and rougher. Also keep in mind that men tend to have more oil in their skin than a woman.


M1: What are some mistakes men make when taking care of their skin?

HS:  I would say not cleaning their faces frequently and thoroughly but that’s a mistake that most people make. Men like to keep products as simple as possible and unfortunately tend to not be as educated on the skin of their body. A clean face is a happy face, I would day cleansing 3xs daily and using a toner which will regulate the PH balance which is why some people tend to have more oily or dry. Also, limit how much you touch your face to reduce the spread of bacteria.


M1: Is there a right or wrong way to cleanse the face?

HS: Start with just your hands. If you’re someone that isn’t used to having a regime, just start there- you’re hands will be the best way to measure the amount of the pressure your applying to your face. Special devices like a Clarisonic should only be used up to twice a week.


M1: If you have acne, what are some good ways to reduce breakouts?

HS: Adopt a gentle daily system that you work with, I’d suggest Haus Urban’s about face 3-Step System. It’s important to hydrate daily inside and out but be mindful that infrequent acne is really hormonal. The best thing to do is to keep track of the time you’re breaking out a lot and work from there.



M1: For men with facial hair, is there a different way to cleanse the face?

HS: Most men are not aware that the skin above the beard tends be a lot softer and fragile but in general, you should be using a light gentle cleanser every day, male or female.

Depending on how often you’re shaving, the coarseness of the skin will differ. Before men shave, they should place a hot towel on their face then use a nice scrub (like an exfoliant to lift the hairs) and by doing that they can help avoid ingrown hairs. After the scrub, use a priming oil and then move onto the shave. Go back in with your cleanser after you shave because you’ve just dragged a lot of skin debris into the skin after shaving and you may have micro-tears.


M1: How does the skin on your face differ from the skin on your body?

HS: The skin on yore body is a lot thicker and can take a lot more abuse. Scrubs for the body go for it – body brushes and bits below the neck because it also needs a lot


What’s the best thing for aftershave care?

HS: That’s going to be super personal – you’re going to want something to calm your skin down and many have alcohol which stings because you’ve just put micro tears in your face. Try to look for an aftershave balm with tea tree oil.


M1: What’s a good way to reduce redness? 

HS: You want to just cool the skin down – travel with face masks and look for cooling gels – there’s one from Benton, Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel.






M1: As models can do up to 3/4 shows a day – what’s a good product to keep on them at all times? 

HS: Always keep micellar water and you also might want to keep some cooling eye patches because it helps keep the skin around your eyes plump and another good way to cool down your face.


M1: How should your regimen change in regard to the climate/weather? 

HS: Look at your skincare like your wardrobe, in the summer your products should be a bit lighter and from the winter, try a heavier cream and work in a face oil. In the summer, the face oil may be enough that you may not need an additional moisturiser. Avoid any moisturisers in the summer that have extra primers – its like putting a wool sweater over your face.


M1: What are some ingredients to keep far away from your skin?

HS: I’m not a fan of sulphates – at least not for the face, many body washes have them.

Anything heavily fragranced you may want to stay away from as artificial ingredients may have reactive qualities. Also stay away from mineral oils because they will clog your pores. The good oils are the hydrophilic oils and will attach to the bad oils and pull them out. Some of these are Argon, Coconut, Grapeseed, Moroccan oil, Rosehip, and Daikon Radish Seed.


M1: Haus Urban is a sponsor this season for Men’s fashion week, providing body butters and lip balms for our boys – what do you want us to know about them?

HS: The ‘Daddy’ Body Butter is super hydrating absolutely MADE for the neck down. It’s also a really great way to layer a fragrance as the sandalwood and bourbon will accent and compliment any men’s fragrance. Our lip balms are special because they’re 90% oil – super hydrating and will help lock in moisture. Some commercial lip balms are formulated to dry your lips the more that you use them. The lip balm also has a bit of plumping factor because of the oils.



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