MEET ¦ Industry Insider – Hayley Louisa Brown

We sit down with photographer Hayley Louisa Brown while she tells us her about her dream sitter, shooting NAS and going to Disney World…

Nickname: HLB

Hometown: A tiny village in Hampshire that nobody’s ever heard of!

Star sign: Taurus

Favourite city: New York

Favourite food: Pizza

Favourite song: For All We Know by Donny Hathaway

Favourite film: Labyrinth

Favourite piece of clothing: The Dolce and Gabbana dress I wore to my Dad’s 50th birthday earlier this year.


I wish tomorrow I could… go to Disney World

I will never forget… the time Kendrick Lamar told me he liked my handwriting

In the future I will… write a book


§  Do you remember when you first picked up a camera & started shooting?

When I was studying for a BTEC in art & design at Alton College, we had to shoot some images for a project. I remember one of my tutors telling me they were really good and that I should take some more, and that was kind of it.

§  Where did you study?

London College of Fashion, I graduated a couple of years ago!

§  Explain to us your professional journey so far- who have you worked with/ worked on?

I’ve been really lucky to work with so many great and talented people, I wouldn’t even know where to start!

§  Do you have any particular places in London that help inspire you?

I’ve been taking myself to the Tate Modern since I was about 15 and I always manage to find something new everytime. Last time I went they had a whole new room of William Eggleston photographs which blew my mind! I also love the V&A, as well as Barbican – I live quite close by so I love to walk around in there and they always have beautiful exhibitions. ‘Everything Was Moving’ last year was one of my favourite exhibitions I’ve ever seen.

§  What do you love & hate the most about your job?

I love that it doesn’t feel like a job. I just get to hang out with a bunch of amazingly beautiful and talented people who I now get to call my friends, too. I tend to always take on too much, so I hate looking at the clock and seeing it’s 2am and you’re nowhere near finished with retouching or sending e-mails or scanning negatives! It’s all worth it though, I love it.

§  Do you have a dream client or model you would love to work with?

I’d love to photograph Mos Def, Lana Del Rey and Frank Ocean, not models but they’re my dream sitters at the moment. I’d also love to shoot for Teen Vogue!!

§  Who are your favourite artists of any type?

I love Bruce Weber and Herb Ritts!

§  Who did you look up to while growing up?

My parents, the best humans I know

§  What kind of camera/s do you work with (digital or film?)

I always shoot on film, and 90% of the time on medium format. I really enjoy the physicality of it, it seems to make the images much more important – you have to get it right because you only have 10 frames per roll to work with rather than the unlimited amount you get with digital. It kind of adds a value I think.

§  Which one do you prefer?


§  What advice would you offer to anyone that wants to become a photographer?

Find a lovely person to assist! I assisted one of the most talented ladies I know, Ellen Rogers, whilst I was at Uni and I learnt so much from her.

(Ellen Rogers)

§  You have worked on some fantastic projects but what has been the best job you have done to date?

Probably shooting Nas for the cover of Clash magazine, or shooting Pharrell Williams in Berlin last year.

§  And finally…If you weren’t a photographer, what would you like to be doing?   

I honestly have no idea, I don’t know if I’m good at anything else


Tell us 3 songs that you are listening to at the moment?

My Man, A Sweet Man – Millie Jackson

I Wanna Be Your Lover – Prince

Suitcase – Vic Mensa & Chance the Rapper


Twitter: @hayleylouisabrown

Instagram: @hayleylouisabrown

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