We caught up with model and presenter Lilah Parsons, (Models 1 Special Bookings) as she talks Snowbombing, Bruno Mars and doggy modelling shows…

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How did you get into presenting?

I was modelling at the time and randomly landed a job on an ITV show, which was filmed over the summer for a couple of months. It was really silly and fun. The idea was a modelling show for dogs, with David Walliams judging and Stacey Solomon as a guest judge. The winner won a contract with an animal agent who would cast dogs for the likes of Marley & Me. I never even knew they existed! They wanted a fashion models opinion so got me on board. It I got on well with the crew and enjoyed the whole process, and realised I had found what I wanted to do, presenting.

Afterwards I got signed up with an agent, and literally the first audition they got me was with MTV. I wouldn’t even call it an audition actually, it was more of a screen test. I had no expectations about it but yeah, I got it!

What are you doing at MTV?

I’m their music presenter on a show called ‘This week’s top 20’. It’s a two hour show that talks about the top 20 hottest videos, stuff that’s not on the chart. I also do a show called MTV Asks, where we reach out to fans and get them to send in questions to the stars. We put call-outs on twitter and its crazy the amount of response we get. Then we pick the best ones and put them to the band or artist.

Are there any dress code requirements?

No, I get to style myself each week which is really fun. I speak to different designers I know, or do my own thing.

Is that at all daunting, dressing for TV?

At first I was like, “Oh god, what do they want” but I’m getting really into it now and really enjoy the fashion side of things. It’s different to modelling. Modelling you have to dress really simply so you can go to castings as a blank canvas, but with this you get to be really creative. I think I get a bit overexcited sometimes, I tend to wear loads of bling.

Are there any other industry’s you’d like to get involved with presenting-wise?

MTV is fantastic and I really enjoy working for them, but as a model, I have always been into fashion. I’d love to do fashion-based shows too, I may soon be reporting on the red carpet for Elle Style Awards and bits like that. I don’t really want to pigeon hole myself at this point.

 What do you think you’d be doing right now if not presenting?

I had a few different plans. I love photography, and before I even got scouted for modelling I was about to go to London College of Fashion to study photography, which I put off briefly, and as the work took off I kept postponing. That could still be an option for me in the future.

Another thing I’ve always wanted to get into is acting. I know it sounds a bit obvious coming from a modelling background, but throughout my modelling years, that was an aspect I always enjoyed, performing for the camera, taking on a role and conveying emotion through the story. Performing in general is something I enjoy a lot.

You must have met some exciting people. Who have you most enjoyed interviewing?

I think Bruno Mars was great, he had so much personality. Sometimes you have to warm the artist up a bit but he just had a great vibe from the start an opened up easily.

 Who would you most like to interview?

I’m a really big fan at the moment of Rita Ora. I really like her attitude, she just seems really fun. She’s also got great, sexy style, and of course good music. I’d love to meet her.

What have you got coming up this year?

I’ve got a few festivals lined up. First up is Snowbombing which should be awesome. Apparently Example is a really good skier so they may try and get us racing!

Apart from that, there are more MTV ASKS lined up. I’m open to opportunities at the moment, TV is really my focus but I’m always up for a challenge! The radio 1 DJ’s are doing a crazy canoe trip for charity, I’d love to do something like that.

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