#New Faces


Joy recently returned from a trip to Paris where she has been exploring the sights, while showing the French fashion’s elite what she’s made of. We caught up with the Britain’s Next Top Model star to see how she got on!

Models 1: So, tell me about Paris…

Joy: I went over to start doing some work, and lived in a model flat with 7 other girls which was pretty hectic! But they were really nice. There was a real mix, Estonian, Russian, Scottish American and English! We had girls moving in and out every few days. Luckily the weather was amazing.

M1: What would you say the biggest difference is in the fashion industry in Paris, compared to London?

J: I think Paris is quite laid back. They are not always in such a rush, and the environment is more relaxed and chilled. It makes it easier to work sometimes, people aren’t stressed. They seem to have different ideas on what they want to do, and produce amazing images.

M1: What was your favourite French dish?

J: I couldn’t stop eating macaroons, every day I had at least one! I also ate A LOT of baguettes. They had a lot of fish, but as I’m allergic I have to be careful.

M1: I hear the shopping is amazing out there..?

J: There were lots of cool places to shop. The markets were the best place for shoes, handbags etc. I actually bought a lot of pieces from H&M out

 there. They always have great pieces for castings- plain and simple.

M1: Are you planning on going back any time soon?

J: The agency would like to keep sending me over there. I’ve done some presentations for Hermes Spring Summer collections, and will be doing Trunk Shows for them in both London and Paris. It seemed as though as soon as I was getting ready to leave, jobs started coming in!

M1: What is your top travelling tip?

J: Before you go, make sure you get a map sorted. As long as you’ve got that, you won’t have any problems-that’s the worst thing, getting lost in a new country.

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