Appearing on the scene little more than a month ago, Ella Woodward is causing quite a stir..

So, modelling has all come on a bit suddenly for you! What happened?

I was just in New York on holiday with my dad, and one night we went for dinner. One of his best friend’s next door neighbours is the editor of Harper’s bazaar. I sat next to her and we started talking about it and she got really excited and wanted to introduce me to all these people. So I ended from a random holiday with my dad to running around New York!

How exciting! What was the best part of the trip for you?

The most exciting part was meeting Victor Demarchelier. That was so cool. I just went and he was like oh come back tomorrow and just did like a few portraits, it was amazing.

Have you had any experience in modelling?

No, I’m literally so new to it. I got scouted just before Christmas and have done like one test shoot. I wasn’t scouted by models 1, but I wanted to have a look around before joining an agency and it just seemed a really nice agency to be with, everyone’s lovely and un-intimidating.

What else are you up to at the moment?

I’m studying at St Andrews, history of art. Art is something I’ve always been attracted to.

What designer would you most like to work for?

That’s really difficult. At the moment I love Rag & Bone, and there’s always something so beautiful about Chloe, always very feminine.

Any other hobbies?

Art is my main hobby, I went to an art and drama school. I’ve always been painting and drawing, fine art. I also love going to galleries and exhibitions.

Watch this space…