Fifi Takes on Tokyo

New face Fifi Newbury is exploring unknown territory…in Tokyo! She fills us in on what she’s been up to so far in this exciting city…

More tales from the land that is Japan…

Well well well, I have been working lots and lots, but have managed to squeeze in a few days of sight seeing.

Alison and Fifi having fun at Tokyo Disney Sea

Disney Land Sea was on the agenda for one of my days off, set on the coast of Tokyo and only an hour away from our apartment. My mum, my housemate Alison Caldwell, another model from IMAGE (with VIVIENS in Perth, and an amazing roomy) and I, were able to escape the real world for a whole day, and I think it was a well earned break after the crazy few days we had the week before. (Even if we did get a little over excited about some of the characters we met at the park!)

But on my days off we haven’t just been meeting and greeting disney characters. We have also been getting

Alison Caldwell from VIVIENS perth, and Fifi sitting down for an authentic Japanese meal

stuck into some of the more cultural aspects of Tokyo.

Senso-ji Temple

Visiting the Shrines whenever I have a spare few hours is definitely one of my favourite ways to escape the city for a while. They are beautiful and so so peaceful, surrounded by trees and plants. You almost forget that you are in the worlds largest city, and can imediately be thrown right into the Japanese country side.

On the 25th of January slept through a

small earthquake!


Whilst I have been in Japan I have worked on editorials, various catalogues for a number of different fashion houses, presentations for designers, and a make up campaign.  For one of my editorial jobs my mum and I travelled to another city in Japan called Osaka. We travelled there by bullet train, and let me just say, yes the name certainly does have everything to do with the speed the train travels at!!

Love Fifi xoxo

A stunning picture of the Tokyo skyline taken from an IMAGE window

Stay tuned for more instalments of Fifi’s travels in Japan!

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