Good health and beauty are a huge part of M1’s ethos and they’re more important than ever during Fashion Month. This Friday, we’re looking back on a few gifts from our amazing LFW sponsors that got us through.

  1. M1 x Moy Atelier: We’d be nothing without our M1 x Moy Atelier exclusive LFW SS’18 tote bags provided by our very own model/designer Betty Bachz. Taking inspiration from her ultra chic eyewear line, our team encorporated her signature geometric shapes in with the soft florals of spring. Each one of our runway girls and talent this season got their very own bag filled to the brim with snacks and beauty items to keep them powered up and looking good.
  2. It’s Skin Sheet Masks: It’s Skin came highly recommended within the M1 office and with K-Beauty being at the top of every beauty editors to-try list, we figured we’d give it a go too. Sheet masks are designed to deliver the hydration as well as address specific skincare concerns based on the kind of mask chosen.
    • Why We Love It:  It’s Skin’s Honey mask brightens and provides a glowy finish to the skin while their Aloe mask (seen above) is moisturising and calms irritated or inflamed skin. M1 tip, place your sheet masks in the fridge for a nice cooling effect and depuffing! 
  3. GLAMGLOW: This award winning  American beauty brand has made it’s way over to the UK and there was a mad dash to see what we loved and most importantly, if it worked.
    • Why We Love It: Models are moving around the clock during fashion month from flights, to castings, shows, and events; it’s seemingly never ending. Tired skin is a major threat that no amount of sleep or bottles of water can run away from. GLAMGLOW’s Flashmud comes in a tiny tin and though a bit grainy in texture, it’s relatively smooth on skin. The goal here is to brighten and when used before bed, many on our team found it to do just that. M1 tip, those with sensitive skin may find it too harsh, always patch test first!
  4. Herbivore Botanicals: Cult Beauty brands for the win! No, seriously.
    • Why We Love It: If only we had behind the scenes footage of the great misting of the M1 office! Models, talent, and bookers couldn’t stop applying this mist (tbh, we still are) and it could even be seen on Iskra’s Instagram Stories. You know that 4pm bout of tiredness? Well, this mist woke us up and kept us looking alive! Besides it sensory alertness benefits, the mist has the most delightful rose scent that doesn’t come across overly perfumed. M1 tip, keep it on your desk at work…trust us.
  5. Eyeko Black Magic Mascara & Liquid Eyeliner: We know you’ve already got Eyeko in your makeup bag. Wait…you don’t? MADNESS!
    • Why We Love It: A little mascara goes a long way and we can tell you that Eyeko’s goes ALL the way. If you have light or short lashes, it’s an ideal beauty tool. Our International Model Booker and M1 model herself, Robyn, wears it to castings!  M1 tip, keep it with you at all times ;) 
  6. Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water: We only hang out with bestsellers, don’t ya’ know?
    • Why We Love It:  The best thing a model can have in her bag during fashion month is makeup remover. Glittery shadows and brightly coloured lips don’t come off without a fight so it takes a real remover like this one from Bioderma to uncover their flawless faces. What we love about it the most is that you won’t find yourself ripping off an eyelash just trying to get it all off, it simply melts away. M1 tip, buy it in bulk!