Emma Nielsen & Mathilde – LOOKBOOK – Wildfox Lagoon

Emma Nielsen and Mathilde take on the ‘Blue Lagoon’ for Wildfox’s Spring 2014 look book and wow they look incredible…

Emma N & Mathilde_WildoxEmma N & Mathilde_Wildfox Emma N & Mathilde_Wildfox_2 Emma N & Mathilde_Wildfox_10 Emma N & Mathilde_Wildfox_15 Emma N & Mathilde_Wildfox_19 Emma N & Mathilde_Wildfox_21 Emma N & Mathilde_Wildfox_23 Emma N & Mathilde_Wildfox_26 Emma N & Mathilde_Wildfox_28 Emma N & Mathilde_Wildfox_31 Emma N & Mathilde_Wildfox_33 Emma N & Mathilde_Wildfox_34

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