DAY 2 | Booker Hannah’s Alkaline Fridge Fill | Honestly Healthy

Day Two of Hannah’s Honestly Healthy Fridge Fill and we decided to ask Hannah about how she is finding it…

“I love the way that the food is all packaged and labelled, you really don’t have to put any thought into eating super healthily. It would be the perfect thing to recommend to some of my girls when they are wanting to shape up before a shoot or just a general boost of health. Everything tasted so great yesterday and I am excited to see how I feel after day two!”

Breakfast : Hampseed and Oat Porridge with Cinnamon and Orange

Morning Snack : Lemon Apple Cucumber and Broccoli Juice

Lunch : Steamed Pak Choi Stir Fry

Afternoon Snack : Tamari Roasted Nuts and Seeds

Dinner : Roasted Sweet Potato, Beetroot and Edamame Salad


Check back on Monday to see the final day and Hannah’s results!


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