It is no surprise that Chris Folz, since the start of his career, has repeatedly been photographed for high end campaigns and editorials. With his destinctive yet approachable look, he exudes luxury, and has thus been snapped up by Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, and Alexander McQueen. Currently appearing alongside Megan Fox for Giorgio Armani, Armani Code, it seems there is no stopping him.

Models 1: How did you get into modelling?

Chris Folz: I began modelling at the age of 23. I was working as an actor in Miami, and had a falling out with my agency over money they owed me. I sent in pictures to ford for side work until this issue was settled, then Fashion, an agency in Milan asked me to move

there and work. While there I had to take the job seriously because I had no other means of income. I started making a lil money, and began traveling to a lot of places I’ve never dreamt of visiting, so I decided to move to NY and give it a shot when I got back to the states, and here I am.

M1: What’s your favourite aspect of modelling?

CF: The traveling, by far, to get the chance of visiting new places, and experiencing different ways of life that I would normally never be exposed to.

M1: What’s your favourite city?

CF: I’m a pretty big fan of NYC. It really doesn’t resemble any other place that I have been. It’s kind of an amusement park for adults.

M1: How do you relax?

CF: I enjoy a good dinner with friends. A BBQ on a nice summers evening with a couple of beers is pretty

hard to beat. Preferably by the water somewhere

M1: Describe your personal style.

CF: Classic masculinity, I like that clean timeless look.

M1: If you weren’t modelling right now you would be…

CF: That’s hard to say I didn’t really have a clear path before I got into this. My friends sometimes give me stick and call me a vagabond, because I am very spontaneous and always on the move.

M1: Tell me a bit about the Giorgio Armani Campaign. Where was it shot?  CF: Two beautiful houses in the hills of LA overlooking the city. Really breath-taking locations, especially at night.

M1: What has been the definitive modelling moment for you?

CF: I would have to say, my French GQ, shoot with Paul Jasmin. An amazing artist, and wonderful to work with. After working with him, I first saw my potential, and he also sparked the interest of other photographers and clients.

M1: Who are your favourite designers?

CF: I’ve been fortunate enough to work for most of my favourite designers, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen. I would love to add Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein to that list, a couple other lines i fancy

M1: What would be your ultimate dinner date?

CF: I’d probably start with some cocktails and a nice dinner, followed by some live music, dancing, and where ever the night leads from there.

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