Anna at Dazed and Confused

So to kick off the interviews we had a chat with the lovely Anna Trevelyan from Dazed&Confused. Need we introduce Dazed??

Julien: Some people say it took them a while to fall in love with London. i must be easy because it took me about 5 seconds… What do you think is so special about London and Londoners?
Anna: London is special because every day you find something new you didnt know about…There is so much happening constantly…i could never be bored here. There are so many talented and fun people of all ages…and they are a constant source of inspiration. I could never live anywhere else…
Amazing new designers Jaiden RVA James, and visionary hat maker Nasir Mazhar

J: Dazed is always a step ahead, and i know a lot of people who would kill for your job. how do you guys do it?
A: I think that everyone at Dazed is so aware of whats happening around them…no-one just sticks to their specific areas of work, everyone is really involved with other parts of culture and youth that Dazed is so on top of….Its a great team of people, with a huge amount of talent, knowledge and interest to be running a magazine…
(my fave dazed cover recently..Lakshmi Menon photographed by Josh Olins, styled by Nicola Formichetti)

J: I love your blog, it’s like cherry coke on a hangover ;) Do you think blogs are here to stay?
A: Hmmm….I’m not sure. Blogging – (certainly in the fashion industry) is making the unaccessible accessible to all. I may be wrong but I think there will come a point when people are less interested in what happens backstage on a shoot, less interested in exclusive previews, or maybe the fashion bloggers will be less willing to publish their coveted information! Who knows? I’m sure something new will come along at some point – it always does.
But for now and the near future blogging is completely relevant, exciting and fun. I can get lost in blog land for hours on end! I hope it stays for a while, so i can continue to post pictures of all the fun things we get up to!!

Sherrill: Who’s your style icon and why?
Anna: Pamela Anderson in Barb wire because she is a sexy woman, with curves, lipliner and big hair, leather clad on a motorbike…amazing!

S: What’s the most treasured item in your wardrobe?
A: My Pink/Purple Louboutin ‘Forever Tina’s’ – make me very happy….as do all my shoes.

S: Which model do you fancy the most?!
A: Jodie Marsh!

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