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Far away in Asia there is a little gem of a super food that is growing in fresh water- otherwise known as Chlorella. These single-cell green algae are considered ‘superfoods’ for their super natural health boosting powers. I’ve now been taking Chlorella religiously for over 3 years but only until recently did I stumble across the brand ‘Sun Chlorella A.’

What sets this brand apart is the exclusive processing method which results in Sun Chlorella being the only brand in todays market that contains 95% pulverised Chlorella.

This tiny green tablet may not look like much but with all the vital vitamins & antioxidants it carries it has the ability to detoxify the whole body. It has a range of important uses such as preventing cancer, reducing radiation treatment, stimulating the immune system, increasing white blood cells & slowing down the aging process. It can help contribute towards weight loss as well, as it produces good bacteria that helps to create a healthy digestion system.

As I am prone to blemished skin I also understand how important it is to look after the inside of your body in order to glow from the outside. Flushing the toxins, that are quite often unavoidable in todays lifestyle, is absolutely vital to a healthy living.

As my job can be quite physically demanding at times, being on a shoot whilst being under the weather isn’t a pleasant experience. Since taking Sun Chlorella I have found my complexion has become a lot brighter but I have also found that I have a heightened energy as my body flushes out and kills the rubbish that may have been making me tired.

I really love this product because it really does do it all!


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