WINTER REMEDIES: Gwyneth Harrison (Guest Blogger) – PRE- CHRISTMAS DETOX

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Ok, so let’s be honest doing a full on detox at this time of year is nearly impossible; not only is it freezing but with the rounds of parties and general Christmas cheer no-one wants to be surviving on just herbal tea and steamed fish. However, making the next four weeks a no-holds barred food and booze fest will leave you feeling sluggish, tired with possibly an unwelcome Christmas present in the form of an unwanted pound or two.

So how to avoid this and feel great come January, whilst still enjoying the festive season? Simply follow my easy steps to detox to retox ;)

  • Eat a good, healthy breakfast and lunch everyday. Not only will this help you to resist all the sweets and chocolate around you but by getting in some much-needed nutrients daily you will be helping your body to detoxify properly. Try to include foods such as garlic, leafy greens, green tea and avocados as they all contain nutrients that support the liver, which, let’s face it, is going to need all the help it can get!

  • Try not to drink your calories in the form of milky seasonal coffees, fizzy drinks etc. Stick to water, herbal or green tea instead.

  • If you do drink alcohol then make smart drinking choices. Stick to vodka soda, champagne or red wine and avoid sugary cocktails that pack a huge amount of calories. Always make sure to drink water regularly throughout the night and have a big glass before bed. You might want to consider taking some milk thistle as well, as this will support the liver and help it to process all the alcohol. It’s also a good idea to have at least 2 alcohol free days a week.

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  • Indulge in some festive treats but make it one slice of something you love not lots of little treats here and there as these can add up, without leaving you feeling satisfied. Instead, really savour that piece of cake/mince pie and then move on to eat healthily the rest of that day. No room for guilt here as this can lead to a ‘sod it!’ binge cycle.


  • Try to move every day. Even if it’s just walking a bit more. Fitting in some exercise during this period will not only help to counterbalance any indulgences but will also help to keep you digestion functioning properly and boost your energy levels.


  • Sleep! People who don’t get enough sleep often consume more calories during the day than those who got a good 8 hours and are more likely to crave sugary or fatty, salty foods. Sleep is also vital for your body to repair so make sure you limit those late nights and bear in mind that alcohol disturbs sleep, so you may need a little more if you’ve been drinking. If you have problems sleeping try Magnesium salts in a bath or as a supplement.


  • Green juice. Not only will you feel healthy glugging a big glass of the green stuff but your body will thank you for it too. Make sure you use just one fruit as a base (apples or pears are great) and make the rest veggies, you can also add in some great boosters like spirulina or wheatgrass to really amp up the nutrient content. All that veggie goodness will give you a host of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that will boost your energy, help to protect your liver and leave your skin glowing.
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