Tziporah Salamon: Advanced Style Q&A

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Where? Curzon Mayfair

What? Advanced Style movie Q&A

Our 64 year old Tziporah Salamon is a central character in this iconic film which explores and commends the style of older women. Of Tziporah Salamon NY mag explains “Take, for example, Tziporah Salamon, who bikes around the city at 63 without a helmet (because every outfit needs its matching hat).” These women have embraced their age as well as denying it and proving that age is simple a number.


We talked to Tziporah & her booker Chantal Murray about the evening…

How was the evening?

Tziporah – The evening was exciting.  I was very touched to see how well the film was received and how it is touching people’s hearts and inspiring women to dress up.

What was Tziporah wearing?

Chantal – She went with a signature style of hers that always involves an Asian influence, normally in the way of authentic embroidered kimonos. Her hat was a beautifully decorated piece with Asian ties and a large red poppy.

Tziporah – My hat was by Piers Atkinson and the coat I wore was a man’s Chinese coat from the 30’s.


What was a favourite part of the movie for you?

Tziporah – I loved the part in which they filmed me riding my bicycle because that gives me so much joy!


What’s Tziporah’s view on age and dressing?

Chantal – She carefully composes each outfit like a piece of art. It can take years for her to collect and curate a look. She often starts with a hat and moves around that. She doesn’t see any limitation in age and feels more alive as ever as she has found a new type of security where she easily knows herself and what she wants.


The best bit of advice or knowledge that you took away?

Chantal – Who said growing old is boring?

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