Featured on Vogue Italia.com, Twin Parallel explores the enigma of twins, time, journey, and the possibility of re-writing history in a different space and time. With strong references to the past, Jayne Pierson’s collection focuses on strong silhouettes and abstract vision, combining precious fabrics of natural leather and metallics, and the finest sheepskin.
Jayne Pierson’s woman is refined and elegant, alternating between short, leather dresses and bustiers, paired with long drapery skirts and shorts made of shanton silk or Persian Brocatel shorts, which are featured regularly throughout the film. And what better person to play the role of this elegant character than the beautiful Stephanie Hall…

Directed by Justin Anderson

Styled by Danielle Rees

Make-up, Abigail Johnson

Contact for Stephanie is alice@models1.co.uk

Posted by Sarah, sarah@models1.co.uk