Tia ¦¦ M1 Interview with a New Face



Star sign


What city would you love to visit

New York, I have never been to America so that would be amazing!

Any hobbies or interests (artists, tv shows, films, sports etc)

Love to Sing, play the guitar, listen to music, Kayak on the Thames, Take part in a Theatre Course in the West End, Captain of debating club, swimming, skiing, rock climbing, dancing, being crazy with friends, playing with my brothers, eating!!

Top song on your iPod right now

Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton. It changes so often though!

Last film you watched


How did you get scouted

Originally, I was scouted in M&S on the Kings Road by a Designer brand. I was doing a couple of shoots for them when i was 14, which inspired me further to send in photo’s to Models1’s website. They kindly came back to me within the week, so that was awesome ;)

Any hidden talents

People say I can rap …

What is your ideal evening

To go for a late night swim then to have a relaxed family dinner outside in the garden with music playing :)

Who is your favourite artist of any kind

Tricky! Umm … I love a bit of One Direction, Taylor Swift, Oh and Macklemore ;) I don’t have a favourite.

What would you like to achieve in 2013

I would love to model for some great people and company’s, that would be amazing. I would also like to try and take my singing and acting further, whilst at the same time getting great results in my GCSE’s.

Have you got anything lined up for the next couple of months/ summer

Studying sadly, but i’m looking forward to the sun and beaches for the summer …  having 6 months of Winter does that to a person ;)

Photographer: Ash Kingston

Contact: georgia@models1.co.uk

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