The Fit Scene

What better way to move into the New Year than with a new fitness regime. For our models though, this can be very tricky, what with their jettsetting lifestyles and unpredictable routines. This is where The Fit Scene comes in. With specifically tailored schedules, both in person and in the after-care, they have created the perfect solution.

We are going to be following the progress of our models (and perhaps lifting a weight here and there ourselves..), and looking at what it really takes to work a fitness regime into your life, whilst still having fun! Plus what the best work out gear is, whether its boxing, yoga or spinning.

Speaking to Phil and Liam at The Fit Scene, we found out what its all about.

So tell me about the concept of your company?

Basically, we specifically tailor the service for models and people in the public eye. Models 1 are the company that we’re working with primarily. Models travel a lot, they have a unique lifestyle so to speak, so the way we’ve tailored it is that they might be around for a week, and away the next, so we’d give you a couple of sessions within that week and then the next week we’d give you an itinerary to do, because obviously you might be in a hotel room. It’s really really specific to the lifestyle of a model.

Rather than in a normal gym, where you might have to use your sessions in a month period or something like that, before they’re gone, we obviously tailor for a more unpredictable lifestyle. That is essentially what we’re about.

How long has it been running?

Our company is relatively new, it’s been running for about 6 months. It’s just the two of us, so we’ve got a real hands-on approach. A main principle of the company is that the after-care is as important as the training sessions, so if you’re in Milan or wherever and you’re not really sure whether you should eat this or what exercise you should be doing, we can always be contacted for advice.

So what is a typical weekly regime for your client?

It changes for each client, for example we’re working with a model at the moment, and we have her two times a week, but depending on her diary it changes. After each session, we write out an itinerary with pictures, so they know exactly what to do. That’s the main thing, when you go to a gym, often you kind of know what you want to do but don’t know how I should go about doing it, how many times to do this and when to work on that. That’s again where the aftercare is crucial, so we tell you exactly what we want you do. We won’t have you doing squats if you want to work on your arms. Rather than just a general kind of regime to do when you’re away, it’s very specific.

And what we’ve found more than anything is the fact that everyone is completely different. You might be like “I really want to get rid of this, and I really don’t like that”. Everyone’s different, so its tailoring it to their needs. It’s trying to decipher everything, because most of the people we’ve spoken to have got a lot of knowledge about what they’re supposed to do but are just not sure how to go about it. We also try and make our training sessions as fun as they can be.

How do you go about working out the specific needs for a new client?

With a new girl, first we will sit down and have a consultation, and really get specifics from her about what body parts she wants to work on, what she likes, and what she doesn’t like. Once we’ve done that we’ll get her to do a food diary. Then we’ll do a few assessments on her, and will put together a plan in what she needs to do, in the funnest manner we can.

So you manage to make exercise fun!?

Yes, that is a main aim of ours. Lunges are a very common exercise to do, and obviously very beneficial, but not very fun. So we look at every form of exercise and think, right how can we take this and actually put it in a fun way, instead of like lunge in lunge out. So we’d put boxing gloves on you so you are punching too. This takes your mind off the fact that you’re actually doing exercise, which can be tedious. We tend to do a little bit of boxing with most clients because it ticks every box, and it’s good for cardio as well. I’ve not met one person who doesn’t like it. Plus most people are annoyed about something in there life, whether its boyfriends or work, and it’s a great way to get that out! We always make sure that our clients have loads of fun whilst doing it, and make sure we do it to a really good soundtrack and routine. We both really enjoy doing it.

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