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We sat down with one of the industry’s best kept secrets. They’re a key ingredient to keeping the set creative and providing the essential energy when the days can include bright and early starts as well as long and tiring hours.  What we are talking about is the nosh, and food enthusiast Lucy Carr-Ellison, the founder of TART, is taking over the fashion world with her deliciously healthy treats and dishes.


TART describes itself as ‘a unique service that creates a friendly, welcoming environment with, dedication to perfection in each dish presented’ and their hard work has been praised by a variety of professionals from Francesca Burns, fashion editor at Vogue, to supermodel Lindsey Wixon. We wanted to get closer to TART and show you just how delicious their food is by quizzing it’s founder Lucy with our quirky Q&A…


~Gisele eyeing up TART~


I am: A TART

What’s your starsign: Pisces

Who’d you love to have lunch with: Gerald Durrell if he was alive, or the Ab Fab ladies.

Your perfect Sunday: Breakfast in bed, a long walk followed by a tasty lunch then down to the pub with some friends, ending with a massage and a hot bath.

The song that reminds you of growing up is: Most songs by Buddy Holly, my dad always used to play his music while me and my siblings would dance around the kitchen.

If you could turn back time: I would learn how to dance, so I wouldn’t be such an embarrassment now.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing: My mum’s engagement dress, which is a beautiful pink silk slip with elephants around the cuff.

Your favourite place on earth: My parents house in Mallorca, it is heaven.


Q. How was Tart born?

Last May in Norfolk for Love Magazine, Tim Walker had sweetly asked if I would go and do the catering for the shoot he was doing with Kate Moss so I thought – what fun, why not!!

Q. What clients have you worked with so far?

Quite a lot now, recently we did Versace, Valentino, Hugo Boss, Jo Malone, Max Factor, Uniqlo, H & M, Agnona, Selfridges, Vitamin Water, Dior and lots of magazines.

Q. What’s your most popular dish on set?

I think it would have to be the chocolate caramel salted TART with an oat crust.

Q. What’s been your favourite job so far?

My favourites have been some really fun location jobs. Recently we cooked for a week at Giffords circus for Ted Baker, although we were cooking from the middle of a field we had the best time hanging out with the circus crew. Or the Vogue shoot with Tim Walker for the mechanical Dolls was amazing, it was mid summer so we had bbq’s, pimms and homemade ice cream.
Tart London FOOD

Q. Who has been a surprisingly greedy costumer?

The models!!

Q. What’s your favourite cuisine?

I think it depends what mood I am in, but I love Thai.

Q. What were you doing before Tart?

I was / am a photographer, have photographed lots of your beautiful models in the past!

~ Dominic Nutt by Lucy Carr-Ellison ~

Q. What advice would you give to other people who want to get into cooking and catering?

If you love it like crazy then go for it, but is hard work so you have to love it 100%.

Q. Who would be a dream client?


Q. What’s next for TART London?

We are building a really great team, I now have a good friend of mine Jemima Jones with me full time which is a lot of fun, as well as some pretty special assistants. We are looking to get a commercial space which will be open to the public, and will sell lots of delicious goodies, and there is talk of a restaurant.



~ Jemima Jones & Lucy Carr-Ellison ~

~ Cara Delevingne tucking into TART on the set of LOVE magazine ~

To see more of their divine food: http://tart-london.blogspot.co.uk/

Follow TART on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TartLondon

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