Tales from Abroad ¦¦ Michelene Takes on Paris

Michenlene A recently took to the streets (and catwalks) of Paris for her first show season. We caught up with her to find out how it all went!

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Models 1: So, how did you like Paris?

Michelene: I was so excited because it was my first season. Paris was particularly amazing, and i got a great response. I did two shows there, Felipe Oliveira Baptista and Issey Miyake. I met loads of great people, managed to do lots of sightseeing and ate loads of great bread! It was the perfect way to see Paris, because if I had been there as a tourist I know I wouldn't have seen half the stuff I saw purely from having to find my way to castings.

What else did you get up to whilst there?

I went shopping, and found some amazing vintage stores. I went out once, to a party. Kanye West and Katy Perry were there which was fun! So for one party I think I did well!

What are you up to now your back?

Not much, this is the first day I've been back in London so I'm not sure yet.


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