Style Spotter – The Lost Lovers Ball

Secret Garden Party attracts style setters from all over the country. With its free-spirited atmosphere, bursting with activities and entertainment to bring back those nostalgic memories of youth, its difficult not to get absorbed into the spirit of things.

Now the makers of the festival have brought it closer to home, in the heart of London, of all places Battersey Power Station. On arrival we were directed towards the magnificent towers by well-dressed characters decades gone by declaring their undying love for us…somehow this did not feel as strange as it should have. Perhaps we are well used to SGP antics by now.

Once inside, it is like stepping back into a time of lost lovers past, whether its resurrecting from the dead, or romanticising heroins and hero’s through the ages.

On that note, what better place for the style spotters at Models 1 to put our cameras to good use.