Sara’s Edit ¦ Top 10 things to drag you out of the January Blues

First of all WELCOME to my new blog! The bodacious babes at Models 1 are letting me loose on their blogosphere. They must be mad.

Second of all, CONGRATULATIONS on surviving Blue Monday. The start of week saw in the most depressing day of the year (official). They were not wrong; I definitely caught myself involuntarily weeping on the bus at a Coldplay track.

As the snow turns to brown ice and you risk yourself daily to get to work, I give you my top 10 things to drag you out of the January blues…

Buy a flight to Africa and embark on an epic Attenborough adventure. If that’s just not within your budget then this Katie Eary tee (£125) is as good as actually being there. Maybe.

Do your bit for economy and buy your last album from HMV. I recommend ASAP Rocky’s, ‘Long.Live.A$AP’. It will improve your ‘swag’ rating amongst the players and you’ll be rolling in it pretty soon on a count of CD’s being collectors items imminently.

Sunglasses. Lets face it, the sun will not have his hat on for a while yet but the snow can still blind you (probably). These Jeremy Scott shades (£165) will brighten up your day, and everyone else’s.

https://twitter.com/randomthings2do. Follow this genius twitter account and at random points in the day force yourself to act on one of their tweets. This has to be the most fun a person can have by themself. All ridiculous activity must be documented in a tweet to me (@sjmwilson)

You just don’t need a reason to get these in your life… These Teyana Taylor x Adidas Originals Harlem ($140) are out on February 16th. Is it possible to love a shoe this much?!

Burn your onesie. Its time to let go and embrace the 2 piece dressing again. If you are not a fan of pyrotechnics, you could trade it in for this chic floral bikini (ASOS £22). You will be crazy cold but the insanity will free your mind.

The man of music is back on our radar with a new album & exhibition in March so why not celebrate by throwing a David Bowie party. Cover yourself in crazy glitter and dance around the living room to ‘Oh! You pretty things’ with your best friend/ anyone you can pull in off the street.

STOP DIETING! I recommend a dime bar to reintroduce yourself to the world of fun and gluttony.

Jump onto the Powerhoop trend that is already sweeping 2013. Developed from old favourite, the hula-hoop, this new exercise regime involves a weighted hoop with a surface to tone the stomach. I know what you are thinking, it just doesn’t sound as fun as its brother hula but crank up that music and you are on your way to those Gwen Stefani abs!

If you don’t have a backpack, why not?! If you do then I am sure it is time for a new one and this one from WESC (70€ ) is a must have. Not only does it boast a computer compartment (standard) but girls, it has a shoe compartment and boys, it has a skateboard Velcro attachment. Don’t believe the ‘stereo’type though as I will be needing all these attributes.


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