Sarah D’s ¦ #M1atIOWFest Style

In the warm up to the Isle of Wight Festival, where we will be attending as the #officialscouts, we have decided to bring you a festival fill in. Here we will be delivering video’s of the models attending the festival, their style picks & and a look at who is performing. With only 20 days to go we are starting with our beautiful new faces girl- Sarah D

1. Minkpink Woodstock Cross Back Print Dress from Urban Outfitters 

2. Vintage Customised Light Wash Levi’s 501 Shorts from Urban Outfitters

3. Coral Flower Hair Garland from River Island

4. Original Back Adjustable Wellies from Hunter

5. Vicky Sweater from Rag & Bone

6. Jeepers Peepers Erika Tortoise Shell Round Sunglasses from ASOS

Contact: luka@models1.co.uk

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