Sarah Dick ¦¦ #Models1LovesLondon

This week our fantastic new face Sarah Dick, tells us what is that she loves about London, she even gave us this adorable photograph from when she was very small…


Favourite London hangout 

Roxx in Notting Hill

Favourite place to hang out with your friends

Cute old London pubs

Favourite place in London to eat

The Rum Kitchen in Notting Hill

Favourite part of London

The South Bank is always lovely especially in the sunshine

Favourite place to go in between castings 

I love sitting in all the hidden parks in London between windy streets

Favourite place to shop in London 

Covent Garden, which is convenient as it is right by the Models 1 office

Favourite place to be in London during the summer 

Hyde Park

Favourite place to chill in London 

I love to pop and see Friends and just hang out

First memory in London 

The London Eye for my Grandfathers birthday when I was a 7

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