Scottish actor and model Samuel Robertson (Models 1 Special Bookings) has that boy next door charm about him that always leaves his audience wanting more. Falling naturally into acting whilst still a student, he has come a long way from his first role as Adam Barlow in Coronation Street. His most recent role as Flynn in Beaver Falls, which is now moving into it's second series, took him to South Africa. Back in London and ready to start his next adventure, Models 1 caught up with him...

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How did you get into acting?

I fell into it randomly. I was studying English at Manchester, and I was hoping to go into journalism. I was doing a little bit of commercial modelling on the side just to get some extra money, and my agent called me one day and said there was a part in Coronation Street which she thought I’d be perfect for. I got the part, and was there for two years. It was all a bit mad. The first year I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, I was pretty hopeless at it. I liked it in some ways but it was also pretty difficult. There’s 10 million people watching the show on a regular basis, and because I was new to it all I was up for a lot of criticism.

What was your farewell scene?

It was really mundane actually; I was leaving to stay with my uncle in Portsmouth. I was keen to leave the show without creating a big profile because I’d seen so many actors that had done it in the past and made such an impact on a show like that and had real difficulties moving onto other stuff. When I made that decision a lot of people said I was crazy, but if you want to go on to do edgier stuff than soaps it’s really important. For me it felt like the chance for a fresh start.

What are you up to at the moment?

I got back from South Africa 2 weeks ago where I was filming for Beaver Falls series 2, which was great fun. I have a few things in the pipeline but since I’ve been back I’ve been really busy with publicity and wrapping up voice over bits for the show.

Tell us about the show, how did filming go?

It was lots of fun. South Africa is an amazing place to work. We were there for 3 months and each had our own apartment about 5 minutes apart from each other. I think if we’d all been in the same hotel it may have been too much after a while, but it all worked really well.

Describe a typical day on set?

We normally have to wake up at some ungodly hour, it’s always dark-even during summer time in South Africa. When I get to set I like to have breakfast in peace. I’m not very good in the morning, not very sociable; I need about an hour to get my head into place. Once we get started it’s just work work work. It often depends on the schedule, some weeks you’re working 6 day weeks and 14 hour days. In that case it’s pretty much work, home, bed, prepare for the next day, and it’ll be like that all week, and Sunday is just spent recovering. Another week you’ll only be scheduled in for one day, so you’ve got a lot of spare time on your hands. Being in South Africa it’s an opportunity to explore, to get out and find out what’s going on wherever I am. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot for jobs so it’s always varied.

How well do modelling and acting work together in your opinion?

A lot of people say they’re very different but I think they’re quite similar I, to just let yourself go and become a character. That’s the problem I had when I first started acting, I forgot to leave my personality at the door. I’d go on set and think, well I wouldn’t say that or wear this or do that, but it’s not about you, it’s about becoming something or someone else. In both industries there are things I wouldn’t do, but never say never.

If not acting, what would you be doing right now?

I’m not sure, probably pursuing journalism. I’ve always dabbled with things, but football is a huge passion of mine. I used to write on my football team’s website. I really love it, and I’m actually quite into writing and speaking about it. Sounds a bit sad really!

I think I’d probably do something like that though, it excites me. You never really know though do you? In all honestly I’d like to be a rock star…

Describe your ideal day?

I’ve recently realised my ideal day would be to get up at 7 and work all morning until lunchtime, and then have the rest of the day off. Then I’d get the satisfaction that I’d achieved something, and could spend the rest of the day doing what I want, having a nice lunch and chilling out. That might sound a bit lazy, but I find if you don’t work for a few days or weeks there’s a sense of feeling a little bit worthless, even though you may have just been working for 3 months solid.

What do you miss most about home?

The river Tay. My house is built on a river front, and when I was a child I’d wake up every day and see the water. It was only when I moved away that I realised how much it had an effect on your mind. When I go home to Dundee and see the water it always puts a smile on my face. So many people don’t appreciate it because you don’t tend to appreciate what you’ve got.

Which actor do you most admire?

Ryan Gosling, I heard so many girls talk about him and didn’t get it until I saw him in Drive. He just has something about him.

Who would be your ultimate dinner date?

Dalai Lama.

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