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Q & A with Mark Cox

Hailing from a small town called Zeist in the Netherlands, where he worked as a car salesman, Mark Cox is now busy making his mark on the fashion industry.

Since appearing in his first campaign with Pringle of Scotland, Mark has gone on to appear in campaigns for Gucci, Calvin Klein, John Richmond, Prada and Z Zegna, and has been shot for numerous editorials including L’Officiel Hommes Italia, W Magazine and GQ Italia.

Models 1: Where’s home?

Mark Cox: Holland, but I was living in NY until about 2 months ago.

M1: What are your hobbies?

MC: Sports and photography.

M1: What was the last book you read?

MC: Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s about how small changes make big differences.

M1: What’s your favourite record?

MC: I love Jimmy Hendrix. At the moment I’m also listening to a lot of Eminem’s new album, Recovery.

M1: What was your last accomplishment?

MC: I have been learning cook a lot more recently, I’m really enjoying it!

M1: What do you always take with you on a shoot?

MC: My phone, something to read and my iPod

M1: What has been your best modelling moment so far?

MC: Travelling, seeing beautiful places, and meeting new people

M1: Who is your favourite photographer/designer?

MC: I love the work of Mert & Marcus, and my favourite designer is Gucci. I always like their collections. 

M1: Are you a night owl or a day bird?

MC: Day bird

M1: Who would be your ultimate dinner date?

MC: Angelina Jolie

Contact mark@models1.co.uk

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