TV presenter Pips Taylor is a new kid on the block who is already starting to turn heads. Following in the footsteps of fellow northerners Tess Daly and Sara Cox, this smart and cheeky lass from Bolton is the online interviewer for the brand new series of The X Factor. With the finale of the show coming up this weekend, and the nation waiting on the edge of their seats for the much anticipated result, we caught up with her…

Which one of the judges are you most looking forward to interviewing?

Ooh good one.. All would be very interesting. I have really enjoyed Nicole this series. I think she’s brought a lot to the show and seems like a down to earth kinda gal. Hopefully we will get to have a brew and a natter.. Same with Tulisa actually. Obviously the Barlow- he seems like such a nice fella and I do love Louis- 9 series is a lot to judge!

 What’s it like backstage at the X-Factor?

Backstage is wicked, you glimpse the judges, the outfits, and you can sneak a peek at some of the finalists rehearsing. Pre-results show it is unusually calm and quite tense but after the show it’s relaxed and actually pretty hectic too with lots of people battling to meet the finalists for a piccy.

Which contestant on X-Factor has been the most stylish?

I loved Jades outfits earlier this series… She wore a slink jumpsuit which I thought looked awesome.

Who has been the most exciting person you have interviewed throughout your career?

Ooo there have been quite a few but so far the most exciting person would have to be Antonio Banderas. He was friendly and cheeky which always bodes well for an interview.

What is your company Pinch TV all about?

Pinch tv is a new online magazine dedicated to the arts. Through editorial and video content we profile up ad coming creatives in music, comedy, art and also create collaborations between artists working in different genres. Its very new but I’m so excited that it’s finally launched. We have a lot of hard work ahead…

Who is your favourite designer?  Ashish and Markus Lupfer

Who is your style icon? Gwen Stefani- I love her style and her attitude…

What is your top beauty tip?

Lucas Pawpaw balm- it is essential for survival in the winter

What’s your new years resolution?

I prefer to take up new things at new year rather than give things up. So I would like to take up boxing again which is a lot of fun. I also want to see more of my friends. I love a good catch up and pals are very important.

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