Pips Taylor ¦ BACKSTAGE QUEEN – X Factor

Pips Taylor is our beautiful & pint sized  presenter who’s bringing all her backstage access straight from the show to the web…

“As well as hosting The X Factor’s online exclusives, Pips has been busy hosting other entertainment shows and recently spent a lot of time at London Fashion Week interviewing all the big designers. She also loves to get sporty and has done everything from skydiving to paragliding in her spare time. Now, if she could only get some of the contestants to be that daring…

Each weekend, Pips will be celebrating with the contestants, congratulating them when they make it through and asking the cheeky questions we all want to know – and making sure you get some amazing extra footage from the Live Shows that can’t be seen anywhere else.”

Watch this funny video of Pip’s in action PERFECT RED CARPET POSE & keep checking back here for an exclusive interview.

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To get in touch with Pips Taylor then please contact: josy@models1.co.uk

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