Pictures from Abroad ¦¦ The Models 1 bookers take on Paris

The Models 1 boookers took to the streets of Paris this weekend amidst the fashion week madness…

We decided to walk to all our appointments/lunches/dinners whilst in Paris. (seemed like a good idea at the time!)

…that included taking the stairs rather than lifts at the agencies.

Our favourite metro station entrance

Had to keep our energy levels up! ;)

Never seen squares of chocolate quite so big!

Lovers padlocks on the bridge to Notre Dame

Notre dame. 5 mins walk from our fab apartment

The view from the balcony of our fab apartment. Thank you Daryl, Geraldine and Regis at Special apartments Paris!

We went to see the Drums play on our last night. Soo good!

We stopped to admire the beautiful flowers in almost every florist.

Brogues anyone? Hannah, Daniel and Rich in their fashion week uniform!


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