Pictures From Abroad ¦¦ Patricia Roman

Yes folks, some people really do lead picture perfect lives.. take Patricia Roman (Models 1 Women), the Spanish beauty who grew up beside the sea in Mallorca and went on to study tourism at the island’s university. Now, when she’s not busy jet setting the world modelling, Patricia can be found behind the wheel of her boat, paddle surfing the Mediterranean sea or feasting on fresh Seafood. “I love my place. I love traveling but always want to go back to my family, friends and lovely island…” Who wouldn’t want to come back to this…

Working in the Mood Beach Club in Portals

Cedro campaign

Taking sailing licence..

Two skippers.

My place in Formentera to relax.

Paddle Surfing- I try to practice twice a week when I can…

I love sunset’s!

Me and my lovely boyfriend

With my best girlfriend celebrating San Juan night in Portixol where I live.

After surfing

I always try to take her for a swim…

My favourite food, Seafood!

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