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PHOTO OF THE MONTH | Tessa Rose Jones

Every month, Models1 posts dozens of photos across all of our social media channels featuring the excellent work of our M1 men and women. Of those images, there’s always one that breaks through the mass with a shattering number of likes and comments and earns the title “Photo of the Month”. In May, that image belonged to our new face Tessa Jones. The 20 year old english beauty shot with Mark Cant for Hunger Magazines beauty story “Hunger x MAC: Tropical Color Odyssey”. Embodying the vibes of a neon rave hosted by none other than The Little Mermaid herself, the dampened cheeks and electric eyes painted by makeup artist Marco Antonio were clearly a social media showstopper. Taken aback by the status of her image on the M1 Insta- we spoke to Tessa about the shoot and her go-to beauty routine.

M1: Have you shot for Hunger Magazine before? What was it like arriving on set?
TJ: This was my first time shooting for Hunger Magazine. I was so excited when I found out I would be shooting for them, I’ve followed their work online for a while and always love their creative editorials! When I finally made it to the studio, after wandering around lost in Hackney, I was welcomed by the team of Mark, Marco and Craig. Everyone couldn’t wait to create some beautiful images!

M1: As a model, your skin is one of your biggest priorities but even more so in the days before a shoot, how do you prepare your skin before and on the morning of a shoot?
TJ: I always try to keep my skin as clean as possible, especially before a shoot. Skin gets so clogged up throughout the day, especially if you use the tube a lot, so I always remove my makeup and cleanse as soon as I’m done for the day. I get really dry skin so I moisturise a lot , particularly if harsh products have been used during a shoot. I cleanse and moisturise again before bed and on the morning of the shoot!

M1: Did you have a favourite look from the shoot? 
TJ: I adored Marco’s glossy pink eye look, which he somehow achieved in a few minutes. The rest of the face is so natural and dewy, but the pop of colour makes it really special! The look would be perfect for an evening dinner or event, especially if your look needs a splash of colour. I’m not sure I could achieve the finished look as effortlessly as Marco though!
M1: Your photo has over 2.8K likes, what do you think drew people to it so much?
TJ: I think it was definitely down to the creative collaboration of the team – the images are shot so cleanly, with the sole focus being this incredible tropics-inspired makeup. Shooting beauty is one of my favourites as the face can be used as a canvas to express this creative vision!

M1: The makeup itself is so incredibly executed – did you pick up any tips from the artist?
TJ: My eyebrow hairs are really long, so they’re always getting brushed up on shoots – but always fall back down again! Using a cream or wax-based product, which we did for Hunger, is much more effective than a hairspray to hold brows in place, as this just flakes off.

M1: What’s one product from your shoot that you would love to own?
TJ:  I thought the multicoloured mascara was so cool – a perfect way to brighten up a basic makeup look!

M1: In your everyday life, what’s your go to makeup look?
TJ: I always avoid heavy makeup on the skin, as I like to let it breathe, just using a light concealer under the eyes. On an everyday basis I just wear mascara, but I love eyeshadows too, normally going for browns, bronzes and pinks to highlight my blue eyes. With some spf lip balm I’m good to go!

M1: What’s one beauty product that you couldn’t live without?
TJ: As I said, I have dry skin so moisturiser is a must for me! At the moment I’m loving the Embryolisse Creme Lait moisturiser for the face, and Body Shop argon oil body butter for the body.

You can find Tessa’s portfolio HERE and follow her on Instagram @TessaRoseJones 

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