ONES 2 WATCH: Mattias Bjorklund – My Girlfriends Leather Jacket

Photographer Mattias Bjorklund shoots some of our favourite and most anticipated models for one of our favourite tumblrs: http://mygirlfriendsleatherjacket.tumblr.com/.

We love it’s concept and when we asked Mattias how it came about he explained “It all started as a fun project. I started seeing all these girls for go-sees and I thought that it would be fun and interesting to put the same jacket on them and discover their different personalities. A leather jacket, for me,  is the coolest thing you can wear. This is an ongoing project… until the jacket falls apart!”

TIA SHANNONMattias - Tia Shannon

SARAH DICKMattias - Sarah Dick

REBECA MARCOSMattias - Rebeca Marcos

NEELAM JOHALMattias - Neelam Johal

MIMI DOYLEMattias - Mimi Doyle-1 Mattias - Mimi Doyle

MARTA AGUILARMattias - Marta Aguilar

MARGAUX BROOKEMattias - Margaux Brooke-1 Mattias - Margaux Brooke

LYDIA GRAHAMMattias - Lydia Graham

ISSYMattias - Issy

HOLLIE-MAY SAKERMattias - Hollie May saker-1 Mattias - Hollie May saker

HANNAH GILLESPIEMattias - Hannah Gillespie-1 Mattias - Hannah Gillespie

GRACE PLOWDENMattias - Grace Plowden

FLORENCEMattias - Flo

EMMA LAIRDMattias - Emma Laird-1 Mattias - Emma Laird

ELLIE DAVIESMattias - Ellie Davies

ELEANOR DAVIESMattias - Eleanor Davies

CHARLIE NEWMANMattias - Charlie Newman Mattias - Charlie Newman -1

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