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One to Watch ¦¦ Nastya P

The lovely Ukrainian New Face Nastya came over to London for Fashion Week, where she walked for Ashley Isham, Ashish Gupta, Zoe Jordan, Corrie Nielson, Alisa Palamino, Prophetik and Leutton Postle- not bad for her first season! We have no doubt that this refreshing, auburn-haired beauty will go right to the top.


What are you doing when you’re not modelling?

I really like listening to music and DJ a bit at home. I’m also studying Economics at University, but I’ve taken a break to travel.

What sort of music do you play?

It varies, I don’t have any sort of style, but it’s mainly dance music. It’s very popular to party in my city, so working as a model and DJ is lots of fun

What is your favourite record?

I love Florence and the machine, but my favourite will have to be Coldplay Viva La Vida.

Describe your style?

Quite classic- shirts and skirts. But on days off i like to wear jeans and t-shirts.

What’s your idea of fun?

Hanging out with my friends, I live on the Black Sea so we have a lot of beaches around, and we’ll often spend evenings there.

What is the best thing about your hometown?


Describe yourself in 3 words

Funny, stupid, smiley

Who is your favourite artist (any kind)?

A Russian writer called Victor Belevim.

Are you a night owl or a day bird?

Night owl!

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