One brave lady – Lianna F takes on Mount Kenya

Lianna F is about to attempt an incredible challenge, to climb Mount Kenya, raising money for Trekstock. It will take a lot of motivation, organisation and guts to achieve this goal. We caught up with her to find out how she’s coping.

Models 1: Wow, climbing Mount Kenya. That’s quite a challenge. What made you decide to do it?

Lianna F: I know, right! It’s a huge challenge, it took me a long time to sign up to it, months in fact! It’s a pretty daunting task, but I’m always looking for a new challenge, and it’s for such a worthy cause. From the beginning i kind of new i had no choice but to get involved.

M1: The money you raise will go towards Trekstock. Can you tell me a little about what it is they do?

LF: Trekstock work alongside Cancer Research UK, to support and inform young people with cancer. They also do a lot to raise awareness and drive research into the specific kinds of cancer that effect young people. They do this through the organisation of annual treks like the one I’m doing, putting on fashion shows such as the one they have just done with St Andrews University, collaborating with magazines, running comedy nights, gigs and festivals around the UK.

They have also become known for their little blue badges, as sported by Models 1’s own Ben Grimes and

Agyness Deyn!

M1: How long have you been training for the climb?

LF: Well the climb isn’t until September and i officially

signed the papers two weeks ago, so i guess two weeks! But i have set myself targets every week. In London alone I walked 42 miles last week. That’s pretty good going considering i was busy working too! I’ve just returned from a weekend in Exmoor where I walked another 25 or so and next week I’m off up to the Scottish highlands for two weeks of hiking, scallop diving and horse riding! i swim weekly and i cycle about a lot too. As the weeks go on my training will get more and more intense, and I’ve committed to walking everywhere which is much nicer than the tube!

M1: How has it affected your routine/lifestyle?

LF: I’m very active as it is, always zooming around London all day everyday but I guess I’m more aware of what I eat, I always eat a well-balanced, diet but I need to up my game, making sure I get enough protein is key for my training. And because of the amount of calories I’ll be burning in sure I can justify a cream tea at the end of a country walk – bonus!!!

M1: Will you be doing it with others?

LF: Yes, there will be a team of us going up there from gap-year students to musicians! I only know one person out of the group, which is Sophie Epstone, the founder of Trekstock. As we will all be with each other 24h a day for 10 days, supporting and pushing each other on the trek, we are all bound to return with a few more friends, and blisters!!!

M1: It’ll be an amazing experience, reaching the top! Are there any other challenges you would like to do in the future for charity?

LF: Well I’m really into my cycling so maybe a cycle across India will be next! But I’m definitely not thinking about anything but Mount Kenya at present, but certainly watch this space.

M1: You must have been able to travel to some fantastic places with your modelling. Is there anywhere that has stood out in particular for you?

LF: Yes, i was fortunate enough to travel Sri Lanka last November for a catwalk show for four days, I then extended my trip for a few more weeks and travelled through small towns and villages from the capital Colombo, inland to Kandy then down to Galle on the coast, I saw beautiful sights and i met a lot of wonderful people along the way, lots of children running up to me wanting to practice their English with me and touching my pale skin! It was a truly wonderful experience. I plan to go back there again this year. I am very fortunate to be able to travel with work, I always try to stay on and make the most of the countries I visit.

To find out more about Trekstock, visit www.trekstock.com

To support Lianna on her climb, visit http://www.justgiving.com/LiannaF