Elle E


Soul singer Ella is this year brightest young thing. After singing vocals on Rudimentals no.1 single ‘Waiting all Night’ she spend most of 2013 on tour with the band. Now she is set to send the music industry insane as she goes solo with a voice that beautifully combines Motown and soul with a modern twist.

Ella E

“Ella’s boundless energy is so infectious that we couldn’t help but notice her. She has the passion and voice to fly to the stars and hands down she has the best hair I have ever seen! If her Brits performance is anything to go by we can safely say this is THE sound of 2014.”

Josy Spooner – Head of Special Bookings

Ella Eyre LIVE

“I’ve always wanted to hit people in the face with my music, rather than tickle them.”

Ella Eyre
(Daily Mail)

Contact: josy@models1.co.uk

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