NEW FACES – The Models 1 Clinic


Last weekend we gathered our talented and beautiful new faces, a couple of experienced main board girls, along with a selection of highly trained and experienced industry specialists, to give our girls the specific training and understanding needed to make it as a top model.

Nine girls came on board where they all proved their dedication to the game. Tegan Haining, from the management board, taught the girls creative ways to keep fit and toned using the Bodyism band.  She also educated the young girls on how to eat healthily, encouraging them to “cut down on white bread, pasta and potatoes. They could still have some healthy carbs such as quinoa, sweet potatoes and fruit. They should also increases their protein intake slightly and eat plenty of healthy fats. Olive oil, avocado and nuts are great to get in shape and also for skin and hair quality.”


Cate Mackenzie explained that it’s important to focus on the positive things and create a body language that makes you feel confident. Lifting your hands in the air like a champion and opening up your body. This will instantly creative a feeling of certainty to yourself and others around you.


Jenny Meister, a successful commercial beauty model from our main board, revealed her favourite tip and tricks for commercial castings. Eleanor Davies told us this morning that she learnt to always smile, keep eye contact with the camera, feather your hair when you are asked to raise it and never reveal anything too personal.


Top model & casting director Ben Grimes talked to the girls about show castings and how to achieve that perfect walk, which can be challenging at the best of times, especially when you are sporting stilettos 5 inches too high.

The girls left with the most enviable skin after discussing the most effective ways to keep your face clean and blemish free. Nell Almond and Sarah Carr, from our favourite beauty brand, Liz Earle. They stressed the importance of always cleansing your skin and removing your makeup every day and night. They also explained to the girls that over exfoliation can cause your skin to be stripped off its natural oils. They demonstrated the best way to massage the skin in order to successfully release all the days’ dirt and correctly penetrate your pores.



Last but not least we handed the girls gift bags that were packed with model essentials which were personally picked by the team. For this we want to thank La Roche Posay, Stila, Propercorn, Mavela, Phillip Kingsley, Toni and Guy, Meredian, Bounce and Seams for their key pieces.



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